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Intel Breach Reveals Passport Information

Unu, an active Romanian hacker (see hacker vs. cracker) who largely discloses SQL injection web application vulnerabilities on major sites including recently two Kaspersky international properties and a Wall Street Journal conference site has demonstrated an attack on an Intel web property, http://channeleventsponsors.intel.com/intelwebinar/somepage. This site handles online registrations for channel partner events and that has been demonstrated to have a SQL injection vulnerability that outputs a database table appearing to contain personally identifiable information (PII).

MySQL.users table, Malaysia site.

Unu Gets Kaspersky (again)

Unu, a Romanian hacker (he who may enjoy the challenge of breaking into other computers but does no harm) who we’ve talked about on the site before has been busy with his fifth demonstrated SQL Injection vulnerability on the web site of a well known company in the last 30 days. This time he has again targeted Kaspersky Labs, the anti-virus vendor that he previously demonstrated web site vulnerabilities for back on February 7th of this year.

Pentagon Web Site Vulnerabilities Identified

Pentagon Web Site Vulnerabilities Identified

A Romanian hacker has on December 6th identified input validation deficiencies in URL parameter handling leading to security vulnerabilities on a section of the official site of the Pentagon, http://pentagon.afis.osd.mil, the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense. The hacker who identifies himself as Ne0h has posted images of the vulnerabilities, which are still active at the time of this blog post, on his blog.

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Unu Cracks a Wall Street Journal Conference Site, Not WSJ.com

Unu did identify a Wall Street Journal branded web site that is vulnerable to SQL Injection attacks. But the site is not WSJ.com, is not on the same servers WSJ.com is on, is not a site hosted by Dow Jones-Teleratel but rather a conference site hosted by a WSJ vendor called MAP Digital, Inc..

Pangolin screenshot supposedly demonstrating SQL Injection of Obama web site.

The Barack Obama Donations Site was Hacked…err, no it wasn’t.

This morning a security researcher identified that he was able to carry out a successful SQL Injection attack against donate.barackobama.com, the official campaign donation site of current President Barack Obama, and gain access to credentials such as user names and passwords for persons who have donated to the Obama campaign, as well as administrative user credentials. On his blog he goes on to postulate the further attack possibilities with admin access such as web site defacement, uploading phpshells, and so forth. The problem is that the researcher Unu didn’t find an SQL injection site on donate.barackobama.com, he found one on a calendar application at Roosevelt University. In the process of finding out how that would be possible, a real web site vulnerability on the Obama web site reveals itself.