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Panhandling and Policy

Panhandling and Policy

I have been watching an aggressive panhandler, sometimes with a second person, approach and threaten people (mostly old ladies, young girls, and tourists) at the corner of Church and Chambers Streets in New York City for the past month or so. While a nuisance, and problematic for the people he threatens, this is not terribly unusual in large cities although does seem to have become more prevalent based on what are likely a number of factors (including notably a down economy and a change in police enforcement). The problem in this case though, is that an NYPD police officer directs traffic at this intersection every day, watches and ignores what’s happening. What I’m observing unfold plays itself out similarly in every information security department in every company on a daily basis.

Where is your BES Policy?

Several months ago, users of a wireless carrier in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were sent an SMS message to their Blackberry devices instructing them to install a software patch that would resolve recent network trouble they’ve been experiencing. The patch turned out to be spyware (Etisalat.A[MA]) and would intercept the user’s email, sending the […]

Are Borderless Networks Possible?

I attended SC World Congress in New York this week and a keynote from Cisco caught my attention: Securing the Cloud: Building the Borderless Network. I became fixated on the words used over and over by Joel McFarland. Borderless this, borderless that, borderless everything. This campaign started to bother me as this was a security […]