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Server 2008 R2: Active Directory Functional Levels

Windows Server 2008 R2 was released in August, and it introduced new functional levels for Active Directory. This article takes a look back at the different functional levels of the past and what is new in the latest release of the server operating system for Active Directory (yes, a recycle bin for AD objects!). Functional […]

2008 Server to the Core

One of my favorite websites in the days of Windows 2000 Server was a project from a group of system managers from the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology; it was titled “Real Men Don’t Click”, and it was dedicated to accomplishing tasks solely using the command line interface (CLI). […]

Who’s Being Promiscuous in Your Active Directory?

I’m always a fan of more queries and peaks at what is going on in my AD domain, especially at what is happening on the workstations. I was working on some WMI queries to get information about network interfaces using the Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration class, and thought about promqry.exe. Promqry is a tool provided by Microsoft to […]