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A Brief Reminder, Passwords Have Been Around Forever

A Brief Reminder, Passwords Have Been Around Forever

The much maligned password has existed for thousands of years, for example the Greek historian Polybius described their use in the Roman military before the birth of Christ.

To illustrate the point here is a clip, the password scene, from the 1932 Marx Brothers movie “Horse Feathers”.

Click 'I'm Feeling Lucky' with a blank search.

Google’s New Year’s Eve Tricks

Google likes to have fun with the holidays, and it appears that New Year’s Eve will be no exception. People who have been hitting the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button lately with a blank search have been presented with a timer counting down the seconds to New Year’s Eve. The timer is based on the PC clock.

Result of inputting #trick as your Twitter status.

Halloween Jokes, Twitter & Google

Both Twitter and Google have pulled some decent jokes this Halloween. Starting with Google, they have as usual implemented a holiday logo, this year the logo’s candy unwraps each time you click on it. More subtly though, the robots.txt file on Google contains some special instructions for User-agent: Kids.