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A Superbowl Wifi Problem

A Superbowl Wifi Problem

It’s an annual puff piece, whoever is in charge of security at the Super Bowl appears on the news in front of some barrier or computer screen, talking about the number of security guards, guard dogs, or whatever else passes as some grand measure of the ‘amount’ of security being applied. And as with Super […]

OSSEC: Agentless…It’s good, but not good enough

In working with OSSEC agentless for some time now I have come across some limitations in the implementation that I felt needed to be addressed. As OSSEC agentless is designed to preform syscheck functions on remote hosts, more general features are hard (if not impossible) to write into a script. This post will demonstrate an alternative for adding additional features to the OSSEC standard build.

OSSEC: Agentless scripts

In my last OSSEC post “OSSEC: Agentless to save the day” I went over how to setup agentless monitoring using the built in scripts. With this post I am going to get into the details of how to modify the OSSEC supplied scripts to do your bidding.

OSSEC: Agentless to save the day

OSSEC is a Host Intrusion detection system (HIDS) in name, but in reality it is far more. It’s able to look for rootkits, monitor logs (LIDS), and even actively respond to defined events. While all these features are great the unsung hero is agentless monitoring.

Are Borderless Networks Possible?

I attended SC World Congress in New York this week and a keynote from Cisco caught my attention: Securing the Cloud: Building the Borderless Network. I became fixated on the words used over and over by Joel McFarland. Borderless this, borderless that, borderless everything. This campaign started to bother me as this was a security […]

Server 2008 R2: Active Directory Functional Levels

Windows Server 2008 R2 was released in August, and it introduced new functional levels for Active Directory. This article takes a look back at the different functional levels of the past and what is new in the latest release of the server operating system for Active Directory (yes, a recycle bin for AD objects!). Functional […]

Larry the Sailor Explains Cloud Computing

Larry Ellison has some concerns to share about the marketing of cloud computing:

VRF is the new Black: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Complexity

Breaking up your network “is good,” we all know this, and VLANs have traditionally been used to segment a network to help with maintenance, management, and security; but, they are not the only game in town and often the wrong place to break your network into smaller and more efficient pieces. VPN Routing and Forwarding […]

2008 Server to the Core

One of my favorite websites in the days of Windows 2000 Server was a project from a group of system managers from the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology; it was titled “Real Men Don’t Click”, and it was dedicated to accomplishing tasks solely using the command line interface (CLI). […]

Who’s Being Promiscuous in Your Active Directory?

I’m always a fan of more queries and peaks at what is going on in my AD domain, especially at what is happening on the workstations. I was working on some WMI queries to get information about network interfaces using the Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration class, and thought about promqry.exe. Promqry is a tool provided by Microsoft to […]

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