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Microsoft IE 6 & 7 Zero-day (Aside)

A blog post on the MSRC web site warned of a new zero-day in Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 running on Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows 2003. The post references Security Advisory (981374), and at this time there aren’t many details about the vulnerability other than what MS has stated in the advisory.

Microsoft Posts Advanced Notification for Out of Band Patch

Microsoft has published the advanced notification for an unscheduled patch update release to occur tomorrow, outside of the normal patch Tuesday cycle. The update is for an Internet Explorer vulnerability reported to be a vector for the Aurora exploit which was used to attack Google and several other companies. The last time Microsoft released an […]

SMB Bug won’t be patched in January

Microsoft announced in a blog post that the SMB bug which can crash Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 will not be patched in January’s patch Tuesday. We have shown how this bug can cause a severe halt to the OS, however, Microsoft stated that they “are not aware of any active attacks using the […]

Taxonomy of Forensics Geeks

Have you met these types in the forensics forums, lurking in your blog comments, or anywhere else on the Intertubes: The Back-Door Man who knows that MSFT has stealth back doors in Windows, or the Man of Few Words with his pithy “One word: TrueCrypt” style comments? Happy as a Monkey breaks it all down […]

What DNS is not

What DNS Is Not by Paul Vixie details what DNS is by explaining what it is NOT.

Replace watch.swf with warp.swf on YouTube

If you replace watch.swf with warp.swf in a url on youtube, a new application shows up that dynamically opens up new nodes of related videos. Its both interesting and bizarre, anda good way to burn five minutes: Youtube Warp.

A Message from Hal Finey

Hal Finney, one of the original programmers on PGP version 2 among other things, has published an open letter regarding his health that is worth a read:

Larry the Sailor Explains Cloud Computing

Larry Ellison has some concerns to share about the marketing of cloud computing:

Bing vs. Google

Are you ready to make the switch to Microsoft’s Bing, which officially went live on June 3rd, or are you solidly attached to Google? Compare the results side by side at, and see which search engine provides what you are looking for. has posted their site’s new design concepts has posted their new site design concepts, and they are worth a look. Their experience demonstrates the fun of navigating the landscape of browser compatible code with CSS and Javascript, and these are folks from the organization that builds the second most popular web browser used today. Let them know what you think: