Anonymous Turns Operation Payback Toward “The Jester”

The Jester, a hacktivist who is normally known for short term denial of service attacks against Jihadist web forums and who recently claimed responsibility for an outage at Wikileaks in the middle of Cablegate (Wikileaks publication of U.S. diplomatic cables) has himself become the target of the large scale hacktivist protest called Operation Payback. The Jester, or th3j35t3r as he’s known on Twitter, has ostensibly had the identity of either himself or an associate/fan revealed as a Montana man who works for the state government named Robin Jackson, who is becoming the target of what could be a good deal of unpleasantness from Anonymous and the 4chan/b/ board at large.


Earlier today messages like these started to appear on the primary IRC channel being used by OperationPayback:

  • 03[15:38] * Topic is ‘ Let´s find the guys that are trying to stop us. AnonymousDown: – th3j35t3r: – –’
  • [15:39] We need to find the Jesters name,address,and more
  • [15:53] jester seems to be -> rjacksix
  • [16:21] <%Ap3X> Everything links to this guy
  • [16:00] Robin C Jackson
  • [16:00] 181177—-
  • [16:00] Home_address_icon —- N Montana Ave | Helena, MT 59602
  • [16:00] Phone_icon (406) -*
  • [16:14] the only proof is that they atleast know eachother, not that they are eachother

There appear to be two primary reasons Anonymous has turned their attention on this man. The first is obviously the Jester’s attacks on Wikileaks, the second more direct reason may be attacks on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC, essentially an Internet chat room) servers that Anonymous is using to coordinate their attacks (they believe that the Twitter account “AnonymousDown” is in fact the same person who is behind “th3j35t3r”):

AnonymousDown who is attacking both the chat servers and DDoS tool command and control.

A New Mission

In the same style as the poster announcing attacks on Internet based payment services and credit card company web sites is this announcement from Anonymous on “The Jester”:

Appearing in the same banner style as the attacks on the payment sites.

Overall Plan

The following write up from Anonymous takes the time to explain why th3j35t3r aka Robin Jackson is a target under “Project th3j35t3r” and provides his personal information to would be attackers:

As referenced from IRC and posted on Pastebin.

Marching Orders

This update from Anonymous provides links to public web sites with information on Robin Jackson, instructions for using the denial of service tool LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) a C# tool written by praetox which floods a web site with HTTP, UDP, or TCP requests, tips on not getting caught and disposing of evidence, and links to information on the overall Operation Payback itself.

As referenced from IRC and posted on Pastebin.

Operation Payback

A coordinated group of attacks, starting with attacks on groups known to be anti-internet piracy has been dubbed by it’s participants as Operation Payback. The primary tactic of the attacks is distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on web sites associated with industry groups combating Internet privacy such as the Motion Picture Association of America, the Recording Industry Association of America, and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry as well as law firms such as ACS: Law, Davenport, Lyons & Dunlap and Grubb & Weaver.

Secondary tactics involve web site defacements (as happened to the ACAPOR, a Portuguese organization), data leaks (as happened to ACS:Law), and the like.

The Operation Shifts Towards Wikileaks “Defense”

Operation Payback has, as of this week, focused it’s efforts on anyone associated with attempted take downs of the transparency organization Wikileaks. Initially this took the form of DDoS attacks on organizations that froze or stopped donations to Wikileaks or took down services used to support the Wikileaks web sites. This included denial of service attacks on the web sites of PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa.

The Jester or th3j35t3r

Going by the pseudonym Jester, this hacktivist was primarily known for temporarily attacking Jihadi sites in the last year or so, as demonstrated by his Twitter feed. Essentially he makes these web sites inaccessible for approximately a half hour as a form of protest against these sites (and has specifically been upset when a U.S. provider has any role in the site’s being online).

Recent reported temporary DoS attacks on Islamic web sites.

The Jester self identifies as being ex-U.S. military and explains his original motivations in this letter to security blogger Richard Stiennon:

Hi again Richard,

Forgive me if I may sound vague on any of the following, as you can probably understand I need to protect 
my own identity for the moment.

I am an ex-soldier with a rather famous unit, country purposely not specified. I was involved with 
supporting Special Forces, I have served in (and around) Afghanistan amongst other places. Since 'leaving' 
the governments payroll, it has occurred to me that the bad-guys are in fact starting to utilize the
 web more and more as a recruitment, communication, and propaganda medium.

I have been and continue to develop methods and tools to disrupt, mis-inform and obstruct this kind of 
terrorist activity. Kinda like taking them down from the inside, and using my weapon of choice. 
The method I have used to take-down the sites mentioned on twitter is rather special, it's only 
downfall right now is that it is obviously only temporary disruption. But I can however take down and 
put back their sites at will. The attack is like a DDOS attack, except without the first 'D'.

There is nothing 'distributed' about this. It is possible with very low bandwidth and a single
 low-spec linux machine.

I am still refining the tool, but if you check right now - is in fact temporarily down, 
until I decide to bring it back.

The idea here is to target known sites and cause much trouble, but not be destructive and defacing.
 it's a very surgical strike and causes no collateral or long-term damage.

Xerxes DoS Tool

The attack tool he’s developed called Xerxes originally made use (according to him) of a flaw in the Apache web server but has since been modified to attack other web server types as well. In essence all of these flaws are requests you can send a web server that causes the web server to expend additional resources to determine that it is an invalid request. Flooding the web server with enough of these requests causes the web server to be unable to respond to any legitimate http requests from users attempting to visit the web site or web based resource.

InfosecIsland published a video of an example attack using the Xerxes denial of service tool:

Second video of XerXes DoS Attack from Infosec Island on Vimeo.

More Information


Anonymous is a loose affiliation of Internet denizens known for various hoaxes, blaming things on ripoff site eBaum’sWorld, and probably most famously Project Chanology a protest against the Church of Scientology. The members are also known for wearing Guy Fawkes masks. In the last couple of days they have given more interviews on television (mostly young people) than I ever thought a group that calls itself Anonymous would give.

Robin Jackson Connections

Robin Jackson, seen at left, is an information technology worker for the Montana Department of Labor and Industry and a pastor of an organization called the Wolf Creek Baptist Church in Wolf Creek, Montana. He is also according to what some Anonymous members think, The Jester. The evidence of such a connection would not hold up in any court of law, but the two men do at the very least share some connection which could be as minor as Jackson being a vocal supporter of what The Jester is doing, right up to Robin Jackson actually being The Jester as members of Anonymous and blogger Scott Terban have intimated.

Robin Jackson - LinkedIn Profile

Robin Jackson is, like The Jester, also quite upset about Wikileaks and Cablegate:

Wikileaks release of cables viewed as treasonous.

Postulate that Muslim extremists will use information in the cables.

And Robin Jackson actively encourages an active cyber response, an attack that would make it so Wikileaks infrastructure would “not work on the net”, citing the work of The Jester and Xerxes as an example:

Wikileaks is a valid target, look at the Jester's Xerxes as an example of what's possible.

Not looking to get the information back, just make Wikileaks not work on the net.

Robin Jackson is rjacksix

The pseudonym rjacksix is used by Robin Jackson on both Twitter, in IRC conversations, and on blog comments.

Link between rjacksix pseudonym and Robin Jackson of Montana.

In all of these, Jackson is unusually supportive and complementary of “The Jester”, including comments written on other blogs critical of The Jester that label the blogger a traitor.

Conversation between rjacksix and th3j35t3r on

On Twitter rjacksix admits himself to at least knowing the Jester, claiming they have worked together:

In response to a Jester imposter asking for legal defense donations.

Military Connection

“th3j35t3r characterizes himself as ex-military and likes to use military terms.” (PC Magazine, 2010). So does Robin Jackson: IRC: < rjacksix> I wear my heart on my sleeve…I’m ex Army MI and I think we should be.

Robin Jackson’s military background at Fort Meade, MD, as well as his information technology background are also mentioned here:

IT and Military Background

Looking at the IRC logs below in Appendix A, rjacksix is for whatever reason a Jester key supporter and spokesperson. In the first log below, you will note that < th3j35t3r> sometimes decides to take a break from chatting when < rjacksix> is going to do a lot of talking, and sometimes their comments are separated by less than a minute. This unfortunately does not prove they are the same person, or a different persons, either way.

The Jester uses a Russian Hotmail account ([email protected]) to communicate, Robin Jackson was at one point a Russian linguist (not suggesting of course that anyone couldn’t use a Russian Hotmail account, it’s just easier to navigate if you don’t have to keep translating everything on the web site).

Robin Jackson’s blog shows an unusual fascination with th3j35t3r (even more so than InfoSecIsland ;)), even taking time out to address and debunk an imposter account which tried to say that the Jester had been taken into police custody and needed to raise funds for his legal defense.

Jackson does seem to have inside stories on TheJester.

In Closing

Thus far, the Jester is mostly harmless. A bit bombastic and grandiose, he has irritated some fundamentalists, but they’ve found other ways to promote their messages or publish the latest videos from the media arm of Al Qaeda, and generally hide in plain site on popular Arabic language forums, Facebook, and the like. So for the most part his work takes the form of a creative cyber-protest.

His attack on Wikileaks is probably the most damaging thus far in that he did trigger their needing to move to Amazon EC2, which set off a chain reaction of Internet providers starting with Amazon denying them service effectively temporarily shutting off access to their web site. Thousands of Wikileaks mirrors later and news sites hosting the diplomatic cables, the information has been thoroughly disseminated.

Thus far he has attacked, and taken credit for, one attack on an unaffiliated U.S. based web site, that of blogger Scot Terban. That attack was in itself bizarre and later admitted to be a mistake, since a primary theme of that blog is anti-terrorist, evaluating and reporting on the way terror groups recruit and communicate on the web.

So launching temporary denial of service attacks on web sites that have members who advocate terrorism, and attacking Wikileaks, is probably not going to make a person high on the target list for U.S. law enforcement. In fact at some level, it may garner tacit approval from some.

For this part the Jester denies being Robin Jackson, and makes takes time out to mock Anonymous. If that is the case, poor Robin Jackson is unfortunately facing a full scale harassment campaign from Anonymous for his association with “The Jester”.

Appendix A – IRC logs

>14:51 < th3j35t3r> I guess I made you mad - I haz sorryz - but not
>14:59 < th3j35t3r> lol so I can assume thats why you camp out on
>14:59 < th3j35t3r> to tell the world what an idiot I am
>14:59 < th3j35t3r> cool, good luck with that ma'am
>15:00 < th3j35t3r> feel free - because contrary to your belief I
>15:00 < th3j35t3r> so camp as long as you like
>15:01 < th3j35t3r> ;-)
>15:18 < th3j35t3r> hey, what can I say - why do ya wanna follow a
>16:11 < th3j35t3r> dude
>17:06 < rjacksix> some of Assange coworkers want to know the same
>17:06 < rjacksix> they don't see this as the typical slay the bad
>17:06 < rjacksix> hi Mach
>17:06 < rjacksix> surviving snow and sugar?
>17:07 < rjacksix> so is there anything we can do?
>17:12 < rjacksix> In Russia or China you would just disappear if
>17:15 < th3j35t3r> am here but trying to multi-task - not so good
>17:15 < th3j35t3r> hey mach, and jackSix ;-)
>17:15 < th3j35t3r> I know I am a shit host
>17:16 < th3j35t3r> but at least you two get to know each other! ;-
>17:16 < th3j35t3r> @both of you - ya both on the same wavelength
>17:16 < th3j35t3r> #js
>17:17 < rjacksix> know your busy...nice to meet...
>17:17 < rjacksix> Mach is a twitter hoot ;)
>17:18 < th3j35t3r> jacksix - thank you for your mirror ;-) PS your
>17:18 < rjacksix> glad to see a chat ... cuz I have to rebuild 6TB
>17:18 < th3j35t3r> ouch.
>17:19 < rjacksix> I don't do much to obfuscate myself, but have
>17:19 < rjacksix> been doin Internet since 1996
>17:20 < rjacksix> anybody use Hide My Ass or are they pwnd'ed?
>17:21 < rjacksix> tor seems too damn sloooow...reminds me of my
>17:23 < rjacksix> <-- lives in boonies
>17:23 < rjacksix> (ok, right next to the boonies anyway)
>17:24 < rjacksix> hehe
>17:25 < rjacksix> so anything exciting?
>17:28 < rjacksix> everything was easy (cept DC3 wrap up) til the
>17:31 < rjacksix> same one...small potatoes,124 users nothing like
>17:31 < rjacksix> ;)
>17:31 < th3j35t3r> lost secure there for a minute lol
>17:31 < th3j35t3r> my mistake ;-)
>17:31 < rjacksix> that could be a bad thing for you
>17:31 < th3j35t3r> let that be a lesson lol to us all.
>17:32 < rjacksix> same here
>17:32 < rjacksix> ex MI
>17:32 < th3j35t3r> and thanks for your efforts - they make a
>17:32 < th3j35t3r> ahaaa
>17:33 < rjacksix> worked near in Laurel MD...if you know what I
>17:33 < th3j35t3r> check your client. Find me there.
>17:34 < rjacksix> still tryin to figure out this stinkin client
>17:34 < th3j35t3r> PMed ya
>17:35 < rjacksix> q
>17:35 < th3j35t3r> ears
>17:36 < th3j35t3r> @jacksix
>17:36 < th3j35t3r> have pmed irc pmed ya
>17:37 < rjacksix> do what is the cmd for pm...saw it
>17:37 < th3j35t3r> what client ya runniing?
>17:37 < rjacksix> just haven't irced for like five years
>17:37 < rjacksix> scrollz
>17:38 < th3j35t3r> ahha a true pro.
>17:38 < th3j35t3r> shit man you on inux like me
>17:38 < rjacksix> its the way I roll
>17:38 < rjacksix> better client ?
>17:38 < th3j35t3r> sweet
>17:38 < th3j35t3r> I use xchat
>17:38 < rjacksix> started w/ slackware 1.0
>17:39 < rjacksix> yeah
>17:39 < rjacksix> working for a no such agency on my last tour
>17:39 < rjacksix> I am on their side actually.....I don't think
>17:39 < th3j35t3r> but if ya wanna pm me in scrollz I think it
>17:39 < th3j35t3r> damn
>17:40 < th3j35t3r> I really wanna talk to jacksix in pm.
>17:40 < th3j35t3r> #js
>17:40 < th3j35t3r> scrollz is just like bitchx isnt it
>17:42 < rjacksix> so now js knows my secret...I'm a 15 year old
>17:43 < rjacksix> oh sorry Elm0...3 1/2 years
>17:43 < rjacksix> my experience was that there are lots of very
>17:44 < rjacksix> MI works harder .. so you don't have too
>17:45 < th3j35t3r> <<< busy for a spell.
>17:46 < rjacksix> what do  you mean Elm0
>17:46 < rjacksix> the word?
>17:47 < rjacksix> or the peeps
>17:48 < rjacksix> Haven't seen it... is it on BBCA or just BBC
>17:52 < rjacksix> no need to apologize
>17:52 < rjacksix> I was an EW spook not HUMINT
>17:52 < rjacksix> technically SIGINT
>17:57 < rjacksix> so you're Brit Elm0
>17:58 < rjacksix> I have a great affinity for your country
>17:58 < rjacksix> lotsa old friends and memories ;)]17:58 < Elm0>
>18:03 < rjacksix> sorry guys had to get my grand daughter
>18:03 < rjacksix> the bus just came
>18:03 < rjacksix> ;)
>18:03 < rjacksix> GCHQ is a great organization...really...if you
>18:06 < rjacksix> so what do you do Elm0?
>18:06 < rjacksix> computerz I take it?
>18:06 < rjacksix> I love that show on BBC about traric cops
>18:06 < rjacksix> OMG
>18:07 < rjacksix> Way better than Cops on us tv
>18:07 < rjacksix> and NO guns
>18:07 < rjacksix>
>18:07 < rjacksix> takes a bigger pair than I got
>18:08 < rjacksix> so do you work computer forensics in the force?
>18:09 < rjacksix> they are having to harden their systems
>18:09 < rjacksix> you should try the DC3 challenge next year
>18:09 < rjacksix> the challenges are getting harder
>18:10 < rjacksix> don't know til you try
>18:11 < rjacksix> You're right Mach
>18:11 < rjacksix> there was a posting here for our State DOJ and I
>18:11 < rjacksix> didn't want to look at that crap all day
>18:11 < rjacksix> plus peeps just don't know what narcs their
>18:13 < rjacksix> no sh*t Mach...I'm helping in an appeal on a 4th
>18:14 < rjacksix> they found stuff...but nothing the warrant was
>18:17 < rjacksix> No not 6...just a private citizen...growing
>18:20 < rjacksix> are way tooo sage!
>18:20 < rjacksix> the embedded forensic Maestra
>18:23 < rjacksix> need I talk about your brilliant skillz with the
>18:25 < rjacksix> what was the name of that new Al Qaeda site that
>18:28 < th3j35t3r> hey Guard!ian
>18:29 < rjacksix> hey guard
>18:30 < rjacksix> yep
>18:32 < rjacksix> no ..  you  didn't just jfgi me did you?
>18:33 < rjacksix> ;)
>18:33 < rjacksix> just f***ing google it....there's even a site ;)
>18:34 < rjacksix> seems like we could gather intel and then put it
>18:35 < rjacksix> if the J is th3j35t3r ;)
>18:36 < rjacksix> so Mach you talking to me?
>18:36 < th3j35t3r> so has anyone got the name of this 'new' AQ
>18:37 < rjacksix> how bout the muslim brother hood offical english
>18:37 < rjacksix>
>18:38 < th3j35t3r> I am obviously only interested for research
>18:38 < th3j35t3r> jacksix - it's not new, and its a soft target.
>18:39 < rjacksix> my bad...
>18:39 < rjacksix> aren't they all soft? ;)
>18:39 < th3j35t3r> nope lol
>18:39 < th3j35t3r> define 'soft'
>18:39 < rjacksix> so should I set up a place off of
>18:40 < th3j35t3r> soft to you sir - means has xrays.
>18:40 < th3j35t3r> tell us a joke @Guard1an
>18:41 < rjacksix> dang I had that URL started with an I, it
>18:41 < th3j35t3r> lol
>18:41 < rjacksix> their SEO obviously sucks                                       
>18:41 < rjacksix> cuz they ain't on the top of google...;)
>18:42 < rjacksix> where is ameriki hanging his hat
>18:42 < th3j35t3r> lol that old fool lol
>18:42 < th3j35t3r> wherever he lays his hat - thats his home.
>18:44 < th3j35t3r> hey G
>18:44 < rjacksix> hey peeps....gotta go hang a NAS.....pleasure
>18:46 < th3j35t3r> hey G
>18:46 < th3j35t3r> mach ;-)
>18:46 < rjacksix> l8rz
>18:47 < th3j35t3r> so who do we have here
>18:47 < th3j35t3r> lets get to know each other
>18:47 < th3j35t3r> Elm0 pipe up
>18:47 < th3j35t3r> mach hey
>18:47 < th3j35t3r> - fuckoff
>18:48 < th3j35t3r> Guardian - havent we met before?
>18:48 < th3j35t3r> mysterie ya quiet tonight
>18:49 < th3j35t3r> jacksix - for the record, is a freind of this
>18:49 < th3j35t3r> #js
>18:53 < th3j35t3r> boo!
>18:53 < th3j35t3r> sqkz
>18:54 < th3j35t3r> I lurk - even on my own channel lol
>18:54 < th3j35t3r> want that name
>18:54 < th3j35t3r> new AQ site?
>18:55 < th3j35t3r> lemme at em
>18:55 < th3j35t3r> ps
>18:58 < th3j35t3r>
>18:58 < th3j35t3r> she a sympathizer
>18:59 < th3j35t3r> god loves a tree-hugger
>18:59 < th3j35t3r> lol - ya not gonna make no freinds on this
>19:01 < th3j35t3r> oh dear, that was a converation stopper lol
>19:03 < th3j35t3r> spy on J lol
>19:03 < th3j35t3r> I only know one person tmy IDhat managed to
>19:04 < th3j35t3r> I would be mad to give a name
>19:04 < th3j35t3r> but safe to say
>19:05 < th3j35t3r> she rocked the osint scene
>19:05 < th3j35t3r> and still does
>19:05 < th3j35t3r> we went our separate ways
>19:06 < th3j35t3r> but fact remains
>19:06 < th3j35t3r> I learnt a lot
>19:07 < th3j35t3r> if I ever met her in person, first thig I would
>19:07 < th3j35t3r> thats all ya getting
>19:07 < th3j35t3r> << j is no softy
>19:08 < th3j35t3r> but he can appreciate certain things.
>19:08 < th3j35t3r> this is J smiling = ;-(
>19:08 < th3j35t3r> hey ryan
>19:10 < th3j35t3r> omg you drank 'beer' in a european country -
>19:10 < th3j35t3r> brew lol
>19:12 < th3j35t3r> right then
>19:12 < th3j35t3r> I got an AQ itch
>19:13 < th3j35t3r> anyone who is listening....
>19:13 < th3j35t3r> post ya fave terror site.
>19:13 < th3j35t3r> I know it sounds shitty
>19:14 < th3j35t3r> but I gotta drop something
>19:14 < th3j35t3r> thats #1 - next
>19:14 < th3j35t3r> once I get 4 - i'll do one
>19:15 < th3j35t3r> <<, J lame attempt at trying to get the latest
>19:15 < th3j35t3r> sounds like a good idea
>19:16 < th3j35t3r> but has to filled with trusted operatives
>19:16 < th3j35t3r> like
>19:17 < th3j35t3r> not people pointing ''
>19:19 < th3j35t3r> like a secret society for example?
>19:20 < th3j35t3r> i'd like to drop
>19:20 < th3j35t3r> with them being based in the UK
>19:20 < th3j35t3r> (outside my jurisdiction)
>19:22 < th3j35t3r> or one of the euro sites
>19:22 < th3j35t3r>
>19:26 < th3j35t3r> as ryan says
>19:26 < th3j35t3r> its the minority then and the minority now
>19:26 < th3j35t3r> bot all muslims are bad
>19:26 < th3j35t3r> but they do get a bad wrap
>19:27 < th3j35t3r> the quran actually teaches muslims to revere
>19:27 < th3j35t3r> but they pick and choose the bits they wanna
>19:29 < th3j35t3r> hey savage - why dont you STFU until someone
>19:29 < th3j35t3r> I agree G
>19:30 < th3j35t3r> and I am a man
>19:30 < th3j35t3r> !!
>19:31 < th3j35t3r> religion is a mecanism built by man, in order
>19:32 < th3j35t3r> and that applies to any religion
>19:32 < th3j35t3r> religion was invented by man
>19:33 < th3j35t3r> << J history.
>19:33 < th3j35t3r> I do too
>19:34 < th3j35t3r> and the poor brainwashed young vulnerable
>19:34 < th3j35t3r> they are also victimz
>19:34 < th3j35t3r> radicalized
>19:34 < th3j35t3r> by that minority we were talking about
>19:35 < th3j35t3r> suicide bombers are not born that way
>19:35 < th3j35t3r> they also need grooming
>19:35 < th3j35t3r> dont get me wrong
>19:35 < th3j35t3r> I am quite happy to sloombt a walking b
>19:35 < th3j35t3r> bomb
>19:35 < th3j35t3r> but
>19:36 < th3j35t3r> I also know they were not born a bomb
>19:36 < th3j35t3r> slot
>19:36 < th3j35t3r> sorry
>19:36 < th3j35t3r> thats it
>19:36 < th3j35t3r> yes ma'am
>19:37 < th3j35t3r> I am quite happy to do that - but more for the
>19:37 < th3j35t3r> I also have to live the fact that 'bomb' was
>19:37 < th3j35t3r> they were radicalized
>19:38 < th3j35t3r> night man
>19:38 < th3j35t3r> stay frosty
>19:38 < th3j35t3r> when you faced down a female in full burka
>19:38 < th3j35t3r> you know somethings u[
>19:38 < th3j35t3r> u[
>19:38 < th3j35t3r> up
>19:39 < th3j35t3r> then you see she has no eyebrows
>19:39 < th3j35t3r> because they cleanse
>19:39 < th3j35t3r> by removing all hair
>19:39 < th3j35t3r> and the eyebrows is the only chance you get in
>19:39 < th3j35t3r> from 100 yards
>19:40 < th3j35t3r> the bomb is between her breasts
>19:40 < th3j35t3r> she tries to get as close as she can
>19:40 < th3j35t3r> before pressing the button
>19:40 < th3j35t3r> she even brings the family pet
>19:41 < th3j35t3r> (dog)
>19:41 < th3j35t3r> who just follows his mommy
>19:41 < th3j35t3r> to make it look normal
>19:41 < th3j35t3r> the dog dies too
>19:41 < th3j35t3r> except once in my experience
>19:42 < th3j35t3r> that dog was adopted, and now sniffs for
>19:42 < th3j35t3r> but that wasnt religion
>19:42 < th3j35t3r> that was radicalization
>19:42 < th3j35t3r> I didnt train the fuckin dog lol
>19:43 < th3j35t3r> I just didnt shoot it
>19:43 < th3j35t3r> who?
>19:43 < th3j35t3r> lol
>19:43 < th3j35t3r> you fishing?
>19:51 < th3j35t3r> xerxes is infact only one thing
>19:51 < th3j35t3r> XerXeS.
>19:52 < th3j35t3r> lol
>19:52 < th3j35t3r> tor
>19:52 < th3j35t3r> tor is the last leg in a long chain
>19:52 < th3j35t3r> it's convenient
>19:52 < th3j35t3r> nothing more
>19:53 < th3j35t3r> tor and the 5 legs behind it are what I want
>19:53 < th3j35t3r> only use tor as you jumping off point
>19:54 < th3j35t3r> and its only slow for browsing
>19:54 < th3j35t3r> use it for shell hacks and its fast as fuck.
>19:54 < th3j35t3r> <<< i dont even browse thru tor
>19:55 < th3j35t3r> but this connection is firing round the world
>19:55 < th3j35t3r> am I laggy?
>19:56 < th3j35t3r> I have killswitch in place - locally or
>19:59 < th3j35t3r> I also have a keystroke that will activate it
>19:59 < th3j35t3r> here
>19:59 < th3j35t3r> and if my laptop is taken
>19:59 < th3j35t3r> its useless
>19:59 < th3j35t3r> and if someone makes me login with a shooter to
>20:00 < th3j35t3r> I can login
>20:00 < th3j35t3r> with decot account
>20:00 < th3j35t3r> decoy
>20:00 < th3j35t3r> and it activates killswitch anyway
>20:00 < th3j35t3r> so thats local logged in sorted
>20:00 < th3j35t3r> local not logged in sorte3d
>20:01 < th3j35t3r> remote logged in or not sorted
>20:01 < th3j35t3r> that gives me options
>20:01 < th3j35t3r> no need to be a dead man
>20:01 < th3j35t3r> to triger it
>20:02 < th3j35t3r> but thanks for the concern
>20:02 < th3j35t3r> I know ya not concerned that was sarcasm
>20:04 < th3j35t3r> well you defend them
>20:04 < th3j35t3r> how boput you show some spine
>20:04 < th3j35t3r> they are 9 people
>20:04 < th3j35t3r> the core is made up of 9
>20:05 < th3j35t3r> plus a few others
>20:05 < th3j35t3r> those people like you?
>20:06 < th3j35t3r> hey savage - to you I am just a tosser, as you
>20:06 < th3j35t3r> I not sharing nothing with you
>20:06 < th3j35t3r> I know all about you as you know
>20:07 < th3j35t3r> what do you think you know about me?
>20:07 < th3j35t3r> yes
>20:07 < th3j35t3r> but ya know what
>20:07 < th3j35t3r> ya quite boring
>20:08 < th3j35t3r> I have to be honest but yep ya just a troll
>20:08 < th3j35t3r> looking to glean info
>20:08 < th3j35t3r> and its really transparent
>20:08 < th3j35t3r> so how about you fuckofff
>20:10 < th3j35t3r> theres no show here?
>20:10 < th3j35t3r> only your narrow mindedness
>20:11 < th3j35t3r> for those of you just joining us
>20:11 < th3j35t3r> for tonights proceedings
>20:11 < th3j35t3r> Savage here is a WL troll
>20:11 < th3j35t3r> and she is very young
>20:12 < th3j35t3r> and opiniated
>20:12 < th3j35t3r> dont let her grasp of language frighten you
>20:12 < th3j35t3r> however...
>20:12 < th3j35t3r> she is very persistent
>20:13 < th3j35t3r> thats you right there
>20:13 < th3j35t3r> wasting your time lol
>20:13 < th3j35t3r> what do you expect to find out
>20:15 < th3j35t3r> I'll take that as the first compliment I got
>20:15 < th3j35t3r> veiled,  but a compliment
>20:16 < th3j35t3r> so you applaud Wl
>20:16 < th3j35t3r> tree-huggers
>20:16 < th3j35t3r> who have never seen conflict first hand?
>20:17 < th3j35t3r> lol
>20:17 < th3j35t3r> agreed G
>20:17 < th3j35t3r> lol
>20:17 < th3j35t3r> nope
>20:18 < th3j35t3r> you are talking to at leaast two combat vets
>20:18 < th3j35t3r> ya think?
>20:18 < th3j35t3r> so what do you know?
>20:20 < th3j35t3r> savage: you do realise that the crap WL
>20:20 < th3j35t3r> theres nothing new there
>20:20 < th3j35t3r> its well packaged
>20:20 < th3j35t3r> yes
>20:20 < th3j35t3r> its just a fundraising drive
>20:21 < th3j35t3r> lol then get yourself onto and join
>20:22 < th3j35t3r> lol join an islamic forum girl, get yourself
>20:22 < th3j35t3r> the homegrown terrorist
>20:23 < th3j35t3r> hey savage
>20:23 < th3j35t3r> do you know why you are even able to air your
>20:23 < th3j35t3r> because
>20:23 < th3j35t3r> you have that right
>20:24 < th3j35t3r> you try and do that in afghan
>20:24 < th3j35t3r> and you have that right
>20:24 < th3j35t3r> because people fight for it
>20:24 < th3j35t3r> and die for it
>20:24 < th3j35t3r> people die so that you can say what you like
>20:25 < th3j35t3r> do you know that
>20:25 < th3j35t3r> I have lost good freinwho died so you can have
>20:25 < th3j35t3r> bollox to this trackpad btw
>20:26 < th3j35t3r> I have held those frinds of mine while they
>20:27 < th3j35t3r> no
>20:27 < th3j35t3r> you think WL are great and their enemy bad
>20:27 < th3j35t3r> cept you dont realise, I fight for proper
>20:28 < th3j35t3r> not fundraising
>20:28 < th3j35t3r> notice theres not donate button on my blog.
>20:29 < th3j35t3r> Wl is not about freddom of speech
>20:29 < th3j35t3r> lol
>20:29 < th3j35t3r> yeah WL doesnt hide anything does it?
>20:29 < th3j35t3r> theres only one public thing about WL
>20:29 < th3j35t3r> thats assange
>20:30 < th3j35t3r> lol and what I am doing or what the troops out
>20:31 < th3j35t3r> exactly
>20:31 < th3j35t3r> you aint got a clue
>20:31 < th3j35t3r> no but he is still an asshole
>20:33 < th3j35t3r> Night man
>20:34 < th3j35t3r> so why you take a swipe at me?
>20:34 < th3j35t3r> <<< non violent
>20:34 < th3j35t3r> lol
>20:35 < th3j35t3r> I am trying to stay calm here
>20:37 < th3j35t3r> just so we all know who Savage is:
>20:37 < th3j35t3r>
>20:38 < th3j35t3r> I would expect here to be gone by now?
>20:39 < th3j35t3r> cmon freedom of speech?
>20:40 < th3j35t3r> so are you you silly girl
>20:41 < th3j35t3r> thats all
>20:44 < th3j35t3r> my fave bit is she knocks anything combatant
>20:44 < th3j35t3r> and I am non-combatant lol
>20:44 < th3j35t3r> I just exercising my rights
>20:46 < th3j35t3r> savage ya should really wise-up
>20:46 < th3j35t3r> ya only serve to make yourself look stupid
>20:46 < th3j35t3r> lol who doesnt
>20:46 < th3j35t3r> we gonna respect HER rights
>20:47 < th3j35t3r> I bet we do
>20:47 < th3j35t3r> I gotcha G
>20:49 < th3j35t3r> secrets are that way because its in the
>20:49 < th3j35t3r> but the best thing about the WL 'secrets' is
>20:49 < th3j35t3r> they werent fuckin secret at all
>20:49 < th3j35t3r> they just packaged ot well
>20:50 < th3j35t3r> and made a big hype
>20:50 < th3j35t3r> good for one thing only
>20:50 < th3j35t3r> them
>20:50 < th3j35t3r> not you
>20:50 < th3j35t3r> not freedom of speech
>20:50 < th3j35t3r> just them
>20:50 < th3j35t3r> because people like you listen
>20:52 < th3j35t3r> I am not holding my breath,  because the thing
>20:53 < th3j35t3r> and theres not a soldier (living) on this
>20:53 < th3j35t3r> not because he cares about gov policy
>20:53 < th3j35t3r> but because he was htere
>20:53 < th3j35t3r> there
>20:53 < th3j35t3r> and felt it
>20:53 < th3j35t3r> and so were his buddies, some of whom wont be
>20:54 < th3j35t3r> guy with gun, in hostile territory = enemy.
>20:55 < th3j35t3r> lol
>20:55 < th3j35t3r> little kids in these places also carry wepons.
>20:55 < th3j35t3r> and are quite willing to fire on you.
>20:56 < th3j35t3r> WL want donations
>20:56 < th3j35t3r> nothing more
>20:56 < th3j35t3r> its not about the truth
>20:56 < th3j35t3r> its about money
>20:57 < th3j35t3r> they want the monoploy on so called secrets
>20:57 < th3j35t3r> but they actually know
>20:57 < th3j35t3r> the UN wouldnt back their shit
>20:57 < th3j35t3r> thats why they use media
>20:58 < th3j35t3r> well ya know .. lol
>20:59 < th3j35t3r> lol its a joke
>21:00 < th3j35t3r> cuz WL somehow couldnt keep their site up
>21:00 < th3j35t3r> but managed to keep donations bit open
>21:01 < th3j35t3r> dont question me little girl
>21:01 < th3j35t3r> thankyou
>21:02 < th3j35t3r> you need to clear your cache girl.
>21:02 < th3j35t3r> XerXeS a toy. lol
>21:03 < th3j35t3r> it takes alot of restraint not to hit
>21:03 < th3j35t3r> and predictable
>21:03 < th3j35t3r> awsome
>21:04 < th3j35t3r> the whole world is wrong, and Jen is right.
>21:04 < th3j35t3r> because she doesnt clear her cache.
>21:04 < th3j35t3r> fuck off
>21:04 < th3j35t3r> ooops
>21:05 < th3j35t3r> ps your hair looks better shaved, like a
 22:56 < rjacksix> 'sup?
22:57 < rjacksix> talking about the new OWAsp TOOL?
22:58 < rjacksix> trying to figure out what the diff is between it and the rsnake slowloris?
22:59 < rjacksix> dropping mibbet  brb
23:02 < rjacksix> so who thinks that downing wikileaks was judgments...just polling
23:03 < rjacksix> made a point didn't it?
23:03 < rjacksix> that is a good point Ass anger's strategy wouldn't work if the media weren't helping him
23:04 < rjacksix> even if ya kept the sites down...the media are too much of whores to let the thing go
23:04 < rjacksix> last time I checked
23:04 < rjacksix> I'm calling for a boycott
23:05 < rjacksix> Amazon should NOT be hosting...I think our buddy js could still be harassing if it weren't for that damn EC2 cloud
23:06 < rjacksix> unfortunately, if you are on th3j35t3r's side you are gonna get doxed
23:06 < rjacksix> prolly
23:06 < rjacksix> wh1t I respect your opinion
23:07 < rjacksix> should the government do something?
23:08 < rjacksix> they have some interesting COICA stuff going on
23:08 < rjacksix> this is NOT an easy question
23:08 < rjacksix> I think wikileaks telling on Monsanto or Phillip Morris or whatever is kewl
23:09 < rjacksix> but this is pure friggin politics
23:09 < rjacksix> the US hasn't done anything any other government hasn't done
23:09 < rjacksix> at least we can meet, talk and not worry about disappearing
23:10 < rjacksix> even Sanger says Assange is a "twit"
23:11 < rjacksix> yeah, if you could screw up the reliability of the data you could really cause it to crumble
23:11 < rjacksix> all sources are rated for reliability
23:11 < rjacksix> if you could poison the source then no one would know what was true and what wasn't
23:12 < rjacksix> Zed, do you know how hard it would be to redact 250,000 dox?
23:14 < rjacksix> plus, if th3j35t3r is right (and I believe he is) every pdf on wikileaks has tracing
23:14 < rjacksix> king you are such a troll ;)
23:14 < rjacksix> are a saint...really ;)
23:15 < rjacksix> doubt it
23:15 < rjacksix> I have those robo fingers
23:15 < rjacksix> are you kidding, I'm on the CLI with scrollz on ubuntu (I'm HOME)
23:16 < rjacksix> <--- luvz the CLI
23:16 < rjacksix> Command Line Interface
23:16 < rjacksix> hehe
23:16 < rjacksix> bitte
23:16 < rjacksix> so  has anyone played with the HTTP Post tool from OWASP?
23:17 < rjacksix> afk
23:17 < rjacksix> brb
23:18 < rjacksix> Yeah we posted it on DC406 when it broke
23:18 < rjacksix> there seems to be a thought that it is old news and that proper config can keep it from being effective
23:19 < rjacksix> actually rsnake and slowloris were used in that context
23:20 < rjacksix> so what happens when you run it against an EC2 hosted site?
23:20 < rjacksix> somebody's bill goes through the roof?
23:20 < rjacksix> or does the site take a hit?
23:21 < rjacksix> I'm on the lirva site
23:21 < rjacksix> but this is PyLoris
23:22 < rjacksix>
23:23 < rjacksix> rlly?
23:24 < rjacksix> BTW the Post Tool is Windows offense
23:24 < rjacksix> hey law
23:24 < rjacksix> wassup?
23:25 < rjacksix> I take it by your handle you're not a fan of vigilantism?
23:25 < rjacksix> or...
23:26 < rjacksix> so do you have a link for
23:26 < rjacksix> king
23:27 < rjacksix> we try to make these tooks available on had to turn down registration for a bit though to be on the safe side
23:28 < rjacksix> that's ok, not being nosey Walter ;)
23:29 < rjacksix> just know that as many fans as there are of th3j35t3r that others are upset 
23:30 < rjacksix> I wear my heart on my sleeve...I'm ex Army MI and I think we should be 
23:30 < rjacksix> practicing cyber skillz against a target lik wikileaks
23:30 < rjacksix> nice tribute to Nielsen man
23:32 < rjacksix> because documents are classified for a reason, and it's one thing to blow a whistle on a bad actor but quite another to fuck with a whole country's secrets.....
23:32 < rjacksix> If this were China or wouldn't hear about it
23:32 < rjacksix> because all the actors would be frigging dead
23:34 < rjacksix> why just f with the US?  We aren't starving our populations, throwing dissidents in jail, or keeping 1.6 billion people prisoner
23:35 < rjacksix> I like Shirley's theory 
23:35 < rjacksix> I actually liked some of the leaks
23:35 < rjacksix> but that doesn't make it right, unless Shirley is onto something
23:36 < rjacksix> the "oh China DID hack Google" was brilliant
23:36 < rjacksix> No wikileaks started out as a whistleblower site
23:37 < rjacksix> tell us bad things bad guys are doing
23:37 < rjacksix> it is obvious that it has digressed...the cofounder @lsanger says that it is evil
23:37 < rjacksix> we aren't perfect
23:38 < rjacksix> but there is no arsenic in the baby formula story know what I mean
23:39 < rjacksix> really?
23:39 < rjacksix> so the bigger ass won?
23:41 < rjacksix> why is it always CP
23:41 < rjacksix> I think every MF who does CP should be friggin shot
23:41 < rjacksix> you could torify....
23:41 < rjacksix> or VMP
23:42 < rjacksix> VPN....friggin carpal
23:42 < rjacksix> I'm not hiding crap
23:42 < rjacksix> are you gonna flood my bud?
23:42 < rjacksix> please don't
23:43 < rjacksix> he had a bad run in with a barcode the other day
23:43 < rjacksix> and he has REALLY sucky verizon 3G in MT....(it SUX)
23:44 < rjacksix> sure if you send him anything more than a Kb/sec you'll crash the entire Helena Valley ;)
23:45 < rjacksix> you can't find it cuz you haven't written it yet n00b ;)
23:45 < rjacksix> say what you will, but th3j35t3r has skillz
23:46 < rjacksix> thousands of whitebox computers running linux
23:46 < rjacksix> (unless it's Azure)
23:47 < rjacksix> in theory it should just keep spawning more of itself when one gets slowed down
23:47 < rjacksix> of course that scaling is not cheap
23:47 < rjacksix> the beauty of Xerxes is that js can DoS without the other D
23:48 < rjacksix> Does anyone think DoJ will go after Amazon?
23:48 < rjacksix> it is ALL over the freaking news that it is their cloud hosting now
23:49 < rjacksix> peace out
23:49 < rjacksix> they just got caught selling Ped books
23:49 < rjacksix> how'd that come out?
23:50 < rjacksix> Amazon
23:50 < rjacksix> it is a moral issue because a 5 year old child should not be subjected to that kind of treatment
23:51 < rjacksix> yes?
23:51 < rjacksix> let rule talk
23:52 < rjacksix> and there certainly is a similar dichotomy with wikileaks
23:52 < rjacksix> my generation understands honor, the rule of law, etc
23:52 < rjacksix> the 4chan generation is about complete anarchy
23:53 < rjacksix> it does to me, simply because I worked in that arena
23:54 < rjacksix> I don't think people can understand how hard the intelligence community works to keep shit from happening
23:55 < rjacksix> and then some PFC who is a product of his generation, unveils years of hard work and unravels years of diplomacy and contact building
23:56 < rjacksix> if you knew how hard it was to develop a HUMINT source inside a communist country and then know that that source is not only dried up but their very life is in danger...well it is a moral dilea
23:56 < rjacksix> dilema
23:56 < rjacksix> I agree, he is a product of his generation
23:56 < rjacksix> and it will only get worse
23:57 < rjacksix> we will never hunch is more, despite what Assange says
23:57 < rjacksix> he doesn't know
23:57 < rjacksix> and he doesn't care
23:58 < rjacksix> that's great Shirley and how many 4chan guys are loading youtube w/ CP? 100 times that?
23:59 < rjacksix> It's my hunch because that is how China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, every totalitarian regime works
23:59 < rjacksix> they will back track the intel find the source and kill them or reeducate them
00:00 < rjacksix> not mad
00:00 < rjacksix> get that proggie written yet?
00:00 < rjacksix>
00:01 < rjacksix> no...we aren't...he committed a felony and he knew it when he did it....he is paying the penalty
00:01 < rjacksix> you forgot to increment $i
00:01 < rjacksix> n00b ;)
00:02 < rjacksix> look verizon has fios....think we'll ever get it here Shirley?
00:04 < rjacksix> a solution? ;)
00:05 < rjacksix> Shirley did you just kick yourself?
00:06 < rjacksix> wire is always better dude...
00:06 < rjacksix> only thing better is fiber ;)
00:06 < rjacksix> and can't use your lamp as a hub
00:07 < rjacksix> well...maybe ...on second thought
00:07 < rjacksix> not probs are 3G ...I don't tether...haven't seen those speeds since 28.8 modems
00:08 < rjacksix> I don't think there is anything that says you can't DoS a cloud target....but there are two problems
00:09 < rjacksix> 1. it scales when it bogs
00:09 < rjacksix> 2. Amazon is a US company so US rules apply
00:09 < rjacksix> it doesn't need to, but when all the sockets are full on n machines, it just creates n+1
00:10 < rjacksix> it becomes a cost factor
00:10 < rjacksix> and you can actually set a maximum limit
00:10 < rjacksix> whatcha mean?
00:11 < rjacksix> the beauty of loris, xerxes, etc. is that they require very LITTLE resources to bog machines
00:12 < rjacksix> if you combined a few xerxes attacks against any target you could theoretically bring it to its knees
00:13 < rjacksix> problem is there is only one th3j35t3r and one xerxes...prolly a good thing...but if you had a xerxes type tool deployed to a dozen attackers....I imagine you could bring just about anything down
00:14 < rjacksix> it is the equivalent of a net cluster fusion bomb ;)
00:15 < rjacksix> you know the little glass breaker birds, combined with bomb birds mutiplied by 1000 ;)
00:16 < rjacksix> so I've been thinking that you could put together a wikileaks like network where everyone was anonymous were targets could be submitted and if a consensus was reached they would all just autopilot nuke the TANGO
00:17 < rjacksix> kinda like an Internet "star chamber"
00:17 < rjacksix> but if you think about it, that is antithetical to the net...even as 4chan is
00:18 < rjacksix> as Stallman says...information wants to be free
00:18 < rjacksix> borg minded
00:19 < rjacksix> it is not an easy problem...I really am sympathetic to the information should be free side
00:19 < rjacksix> I do get why people who like the leaks would be pissed cuz someone doesn't
00:21 < rjacksix> I bet you like Fringe too
00:23 < rjacksix> so what's up with skpx...pop quiz...why is HIS (or her) listing "different" (teaching moment)
00:24 < rjacksix> yeppir
00:24 < rjacksix> don't see many IP6 addresses
00:24 < rjacksix> we're in Montana dude ;)
00:25 < rjacksix> Shirley...always remember your  IP6 tricks...many machines don't have them shutdown
00:26 < rjacksix> wife's from TN
00:26 < rjacksix> wish I was down there somewhere...figgin COLD up here
00:26 < rjacksix> no...go back to sleep
00:27 < rjacksix> hehe
00:27 < rjacksix> you think it's a bitch scanning a class A for CISCON try a IPv6 range
00:29 < rjacksix> where is Uber...thought he might be here
00:30 < rjacksix> it's his ultimate proggie
00:30 < rjacksix> total vaporware
00:32 < rjacksix> what on pbs?
00:32 < rjacksix> really
00:32 < rjacksix> along with every other pundit on the planet
00:32 < rjacksix> did you know your rockstar buds are doxing congressmen?
00:34 < rjacksix> yeah but doxing congressmen...not smart...
00:34 < rjacksix> so do you think net neutrality is a plan to censor the net too?
00:35 < rjacksix> they are
00:35 < rjacksix> he had access to a "fusion" system (ostensibly)
00:36 < rjacksix> what banks
00:36 < rjacksix> am I missing something?
00:37 < rjacksix> prolly the whole worldwide economic stimulus shit..US, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal
00:37 < rjacksix> that would all be diplomatic traffic
00:38 < rjacksix> it is a big friggin deal when economies ain't just killin bad guys and 007 crap
00:38 < rjacksix> I do like your theory though
00:38 < rjacksix> ever watch 3 days of the Condor?
00:39 < rjacksix> (No not Condorman w/ Bill Cosby)
00:39 < rjacksix> I have no op cover....I'm wide open dude...not stupid
00:40 < rjacksix> no...Robert Redford, CIA ...he reads books looking for covert channels 
00:40 < rjacksix> intel is very tedious and underappreciated
00:40 < rjacksix> there is a reason they are called spooks
00:41 < rjacksix> you want scary...every state now has an intel fusion center where they coordinate with DHS
00:42 < rjacksix> no telling how many of the 30 on the who list are in fusion centers ;)  hi guys
00:42 < rjacksix> no...different access
00:42 < rjacksix> they don't tell the states sh*t
00:43 < rjacksix> they suck it all in like a giant friggin hoover (oh wait...he was the head of the FBI, right?) ;)
00:44 < rjacksix> but fusion analysis is where it is at
00:44 < rjacksix> did you ever read my paper for the IAIABC
00:44 < rjacksix> was it his AO?
00:45 < rjacksix> but we friggin deserve it right?
00:46 < rjacksix> when did everyone forget that we were minding our own business and THEY friggin' killed 3000 Americans?
00:47 < rjacksix> siloing sucks
00:47 < rjacksix> my ass
00:48 < rjacksix> He wants all the glory he can get
00:48 < rjacksix> So you tell everyone that America called everyone a bunch of MF's and you don't point your finger at the other guys
00:49 < rjacksix> Assange hates America 
00:50 < rjacksix> leave us the F alone, quit trying to blow up our friggin country and we will leave you alone....
00:51 < rjacksix> 1/4 of a day trip to India (according to Beck)
00:51 < rjacksix> see I can be a troll too....
00:52 < rjacksix> l8rz
00:07 < rjacksix> ?
00:10 < rjacksix> needs a troll
00:10 < rjacksix> umad?
00:11 < rjacksix> did you read your IM's ?
00:11 < rjacksix> messages to YOU...what client you using?
00:12 < rjacksix> oh yeah, mibbit
00:12 < rjacksix> hehe
00:19 < rjacksix> so how do you think they found th3j35t3r?
00:21 < rjacksix> geez where is everyone?
00:22 < rjacksix> anyone see the Interpol notice on Assange?
00:23 < rjacksix> I don't know the details
00:23 < rjacksix> I heard it was bogus a while back
00:24 < rjacksix> yeah, but is it bogus? and why now?
00:25 < rjacksix> so how many ppl here just because of wl?
00:25 < rjacksix> just curious
00:26 < rjacksix> and has anyone talked about how there was a huge ddos today after j35t3r got door kicked yesterday?
00:27 < rjacksix> It's a term used by sniper teams when they take out a Target
00:27 < rjacksix> Tango is the phonetic alpha word for T
00:27 < rjacksix> (which I'm sure you knew...not to offend)
00:28 < rjacksix> F if I know ;)
00:28 < rjacksix> there are some great vids out there about it
00:28 < rjacksix> he's been perfecting it for a while
00:28 < rjacksix> it would be f'ing scary if he sold it.
00:28 < rjacksix> seriously
00:29 < rjacksix> I've seen him take out a Tango in less than 3 min w/ asingle cpu
00:30 < rjacksix> for a normally configured site loris will do it about the same
00:30 < rjacksix> just sayin'
00:31 < rjacksix> but xerxes has been refined and does some analysis to exploit other holes from what I can tell
00:31 < rjacksix> it really is a f'ing nuke
00:31 < rjacksix> but who was DDoS'ing today?
00:33 < rjacksix> ya know...he tweeted he was..then it went dark
00:34 < rjacksix> hypponen thinks jester has the skillz
00:35 < rjacksix> that's enuff for me
00:36 < rjacksix> (plus I've seen it)
00:36 < rjacksix> night dude
00:36 < rjacksix> finish beserker please
00:36 < rjacksix> hehe
00:36 < rjacksix> learn to torify
00:36 < rjacksix> I don't give a rip
00:37 < rjacksix> cuz you troll too much 
00:37 < rjacksix> hehe
00:37 < rjacksix> someone is gonna pizza bomb your ass
00:37 < rjacksix> umad?
00:37 < rjacksix> nah
00:38 < rjacksix> just needs to get to know you 
00:39 < rjacksix> nite
00:41 < rjacksix> arrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhh
00:41 < rjacksix> I knew you were a closet palinista
00:43 < rjacksix> you with xerxes scares me to use paper and pencil
00:43 < rjacksix> selling every computer I got
00:43 < rjacksix> <-- put a front end on it
00:44 < rjacksix> registration in 15 days
00:44 < rjacksix> that's my new counter
00:44 < rjacksix> goin up tomorrow
00:44 < rjacksix> how many points we got captain?
00:44 < rjacksix> guess
00:44 < rjacksix> yeppir WTF FTW
00:45 < rjacksix> you see...there are about a MILLION ways to use those three letters
00:45 < rjacksix> I think you're close
00:45 < rjacksix> not bad for two months
00:45 < rjacksix> we'll kick ass this year
00:45 < rjacksix> anyone else do the DC3 challenge?
00:46 < rjacksix> ?
00:46 < rjacksix> hey t5
00:46 < rjacksix> sup?
00:47 < rjacksix> friend or foe?
00:47 < rjacksix> so you like fios bob?
00:48 < rjacksix> we can't get it HERE
00:48 < rjacksix> my son has it in VA though
00:49 < rjacksix> muyi
00:49 < rjacksix> ;)
00:50 < rjacksix> you really need to get dishnetwork
00:50 < rjacksix> how do you live without Fox and my buddy Glenn ;)
00:51 < rjacksix> ROFLMAO
00:52 < rjacksix> vote for moot
00:52 < rjacksix> are they gonna do that again?
00:53 < rjacksix> man diane sawyer is investigating mexican mental hospital
00:53 < rjacksix> sux
00:53 < rjacksix> majorly
00:54 < rjacksix> they beat the captcha man
00:57 < rjacksix> bobs your uncle ;)
00:58 < rjacksix> yeah, that was before things
01:09 < rjacksix> the worst freaking thing would be dox....f'ing jihadi's will be on him in a sec
01:31 < rjacksix> I think this is totally shit
01:31 < rjacksix> I'm asking for confirmation from the NEW account and no frigging response
01:32 < rjacksix> don't f'ing donate on the site right now
01:32 < rjacksix> this is WAY hinky
01:35 < rjacksix> I'm calling BS on th3j3st3r and
01:51 < rjacksix> it is BS the imposter cannot verify operational details
01:52 < rjacksix> it is an SE
01:52 < rjacksix> and I got pulled in because I worry about him
01:53 < rjacksix> but we went back to op security and I can say with 80% certainty that this the jester is not on the new account or responsible for the new site
00:46 < rjacksix> Jen, Jester has been doing this for months, not just HTTP Post or Loris...he has written his own tool..really go look at the vids.  You're not a skiddie when you write an automated tool that adapts to bring a site down based on a variety of vulns.
00:47 < rjacksix> have you watched the vids?
01:04 < rjacksix> th3j35t3r For sake IMPOSTER >> (@th3j3st3r?( I plead you to STFU and vanish.'He knows not what he does.' Heed me now.
01:05 < rjacksix> retweeted by PublicOpinion and mikohypponen
23:02 < rjacksix> Mach and wtf wassup?
23:02 < rjacksix> i just called you wtf
23:02 < rjacksix> I was on the phone
23:03 < rjacksix> I'm quite laughable ;)
23:03 < rjacksix> wtf did you see the email theNurse sent to Jim?
23:05 < rjacksix> <---fifth whee 
23:05 < rjacksix> <---fifth wheel
23:06 < rjacksix> mode +o
23:17 < rjacksix> so wtf, did you realize Jim Christy was the one who called Brad?
23:17 < rjacksix> and did it seem like he is trying to horn in on our team?
23:17 < rjacksix> WTF?
23:18 < rjacksix> that is SOOOO Brad
23:18 < rjacksix> gotta luv Him
23:18 < rjacksix> he said he was going to ATL but he really isn't a forensics guy
23:18 < rjacksix> Mach does forensics
23:19 < rjacksix> she hates it
23:19 < rjacksix> ;)
23:19 < rjacksix> it is very icky sometimes...isn't it?
23:19 < rjacksix> Systems are easier..they don't talk's their owners that are a bother
23:20 < rjacksix> yeah, obviously the malware stuff is's the CP stuff that sucks
23:21 < rjacksix> That isn't an avatar...actual photo before coffee
23:21 < rjacksix> his pic is in the IR article...did you catch it Mach?
23:22 < rjacksix> wtf and I have been looking at each other in disbelief for two days
23:22 < rjacksix> we work...we realize we won...we go into a stupor...we wake up ... we work...repeat
23:23 < rjacksix>
23:24 < rjacksix> pics...Ed is the cute one in the hat
23:24 < rjacksix> hehe
23:24 < rjacksix> he even SHAVED
23:24 < rjacksix> a background check...duh
23:25 < rjacksix> secret is pretty easy
23:25 < rjacksix> not a felon
23:25 < rjacksix> US Citizen
23:25 < rjacksix> no weird foreign travel or ties
23:26 < rjacksix> First born to government....standard stuff
23:26 < rjacksix> FTW
23:26 < rjacksix> so the man was back in style today
23:27 < rjacksix> FREED kinda f'ed up...what a jerk
23:27 < rjacksix> 200 yards ok...300...denied
23:27 < rjacksix> oh pissy exes
23:27 < rjacksix> you LOSE
23:28 < rjacksix> umad ;)
23:28 < rjacksix> Mach where are you rested and refreshed?
23:28 < rjacksix> notmadu bro?
23:30 < rjacksix> so I haven't seen the I am Spartucus strikeout the Jester youtube...will it just make me mad
23:30 < rjacksix> It is rather comical...
23:30 < rjacksix> did you find your low EMI laptop...I would be interested really
23:31 < rjacksix> Its on The Register...wait one
23:33 < rjacksix> f'n a vanchan is talking smack about the impostor...
23:35 < rjacksix>
23:41 < rjacksix> so what is this friggin FREED rumor crap
23:43 < rjacksix> but it's RT'ing
23:43 < rjacksix> and me..being the quite guy I am basically told two people to STFU 
23:43 < rjacksix> (oops)
23:46 < rjacksix> it is extremely divisive...that's for sure
23:46 < rjacksix> is th3j35t3r Chuck NOrris?  You never see the two together.  Think about it
23:49 < rjacksix> you either luv him or hate him
23:49 < rjacksix> do they like to be called that?!?!
23:50 < rjacksix> really?
23:50 < rjacksix> you are such a....well u know don't you?
23:52 < rjacksix> I love when you call me that...
23:52 < rjacksix> you know that
23:52 < rjacksix> *blushes*
23:54 < rjacksix> yeah buddy
23:55 < rjacksix> wait one---I'll look
23:58 < rjacksix> our logo must contain the letters WTF and FTW..I insist
23:58 < rjacksix> if any one of the six is missing I'll be po'ed
23:58 < rjacksix> oh wait...
23:59 < rjacksix> OMG 5 people acutally commented on the article
23:59 < rjacksix> tell me this isn't a 4chan wanna be: Good job, guys. Work hard and someday you could be like my heroes, Julian Assange, Pvt. Bradley Manning and Wikileaks.
23:59 < rjacksix> I think that was probably Troy
23:59 < rjacksix> no because TWO are you...right?
23:59 < rjacksix> who do you owe 20 bucks to
00:00 < rjacksix> there goes that clearance
00:01 < rjacksix> not troy....or queen...the guy is a TOTAL ranter
00:01 < rjacksix> click on his name and it will show you a HUGE rant
00:01 < rjacksix> the guy has poste 609 times....
00:02 < rjacksix> guess he's got an opinion
00:03 < rjacksix> I was talking about the manning comment
00:03 < rjacksix> can't keep up...on my droid too
00:03 < rjacksix> hehe
00:03 < rjacksix> why is your computer bigger than mine?
00:04 < rjacksix> FTW dude
00:04 < rjacksix> so has anyone played with skipfish yet?
00:05 < rjacksix> looks fast and solid...gonna put her up and take her for a spin I think
00:05 < rjacksix> Mach did you get your home issue figured out?
00:05 < rjacksix> I love/hate that stuff
00:05 < rjacksix> the bandwidth issue
00:06 < rjacksix> or did you just throw caution to the wind?
00:06 < rjacksix> there is much new junk out there
00:07 < rjacksix> wtf...not hard to swamp 28.8 vzw 3G in Helena, MT
00:07 < rjacksix> Stuxnet is the proof of that
00:07 < rjacksix> wtf...specially when you download gilligan
00:08 < rjacksix> did you see we scored a copy and a link to the code
00:08 < rjacksix> I LOVE Top Gear
00:08 < rjacksix> stux = how much we don't know
00:09 < rjacksix> all these people who think that everything is being shared...even at the lowest levels and inner most circles don't even realize
00:09 < rjacksix> there are many secrets....and when you have intimate relations with the American company that wrote the OS...well
00:10 < rjacksix> you guys do remember the NSA backdoor key, right?
00:10 < rjacksix> we think too much alike
00:10 < rjacksix> that is freaking scary
00:11 < rjacksix> Mach have you looked at Stux?
00:11 < rjacksix> are you all into Olly and the good stuff?
00:12 < rjacksix> yeah, and now I hear that since the RealTek one was revoked they have a new one
00:13 < rjacksix> not beserker
00:13 < rjacksix> did you get the interface on it it yet or is it still CLI
00:15 < rjacksix> have you incorporated the OWASP stuff, or did you already have that?
00:15 < rjacksix> yeah speed is crucial
00:16 < rjacksix> but you know...that's what they said about nmap before zenmap
00:16 < rjacksix> gotta have a gui man if we're going commercial
00:16 < rjacksix> talk to Barticus about it
00:19 < rjacksix> yeah well it only makes sense that the OS one be less feature rich
00:20 < rjacksix> FTL
00:21 < rjacksix> because there is a L in it...bigot
00:22 < rjacksix> you know there are only 24 letters in the alphabet, because....
00:23 < rjacksix> Because your cat was better...I like good things
00:23 < rjacksix> I retweet Chris' stuff about his grand baby too
00:23 < rjacksix> anyone here how that came out?
00:23 < rjacksix> my son is calling his expected arrival 2.0
00:23 < rjacksix> refers to his wife as the compile cluster
00:23 < rjacksix> total geek ;)
00:24 < rjacksix> grownups ALWAYS said that when I was  a kid
00:24 < rjacksix> now we just blurt it out
00:25 < rjacksix> so I saw a maternity T on ThinkGeek that says please wait, loading with a scroll bar...gonna get it for her for xmas
00:25 < rjacksix> that will be our tenth grand child
00:25 < rjacksix> hehe
00:26 < rjacksix> so Jen, you a cat person or are you equal opportunity pet lover?
00:27 < rjacksix> the reason is are great and when they are raised in environments where they are loved they turn into great people
00:27 < rjacksix> ughhh
00:27 < rjacksix> I hear the shots are unbearable
00:29 < rjacksix> I like both, most cats we have had have been very lovable and not stand offish and aloof like people make them out to be
00:30 < rjacksix> My daughter works for an game shop in Seattle, she has two kittens Aia and Miko...they are grandkids 11 and 12 ;)
00:30 < rjacksix> they totally attack her when she comes home at night
00:31 < rjacksix> so says you...
00:31 < rjacksix> actually, your right...
00:31 < rjacksix> they're great
00:32 < rjacksix> so are you in the trade or just an active enthusiast?
00:32 < rjacksix> IT sec
00:33 < rjacksix> I manage developers, been writing for a LONG time
00:33 < rjacksix> .Net, Java or some of the cgi languages?
00:34 < rjacksix> we use Eclipse RCP with n-tier topology
00:34 < rjacksix> they were doing powerbuilder when I took over...uggh
00:35 < rjacksix> purely MS, or do you do Mono too?
00:35 < rjacksix> yummy
00:35 < rjacksix> actually I'm a HUGE fan of loose coupling...reuse becomes so easy
00:35 < rjacksix> lots of work up front though
00:36 < rjacksix> we've actually developed an ADO type architecture for Java
00:37 < rjacksix> trying to talk my coders into taking a chance and putting up an Open Source project w/ it
00:37 < rjacksix> Java ORM sucks...really
00:37 < rjacksix> I've done lots of SCADA and server stuff
00:38 < rjacksix> much web/php
00:38 < rjacksix> love perl
00:38 < rjacksix> the code we wrote for DC3 was 900 lines of perl to parse the NTFS MFT
00:39 < rjacksix> it's really a library that you can put a frontend on...we didn't finish that part
00:39 < rjacksix> perl is very powerful, especially for quick and dirty prototyping....but it can be very formal too if you code strict..everything has it's purpose
00:40 < rjacksix> that's the nice thing about service, the language becomes a matter of preference as long as it can consume services...brilliant
00:41 < rjacksix> opps talking shop...been doing it for 29 years (right wtf?) and I still love talking about it
00:41 < rjacksix> I love encouraging younger people now
00:42 < rjacksix> yes...I said it...I started when I was 9...yeah, that's the ticket...and I dated Susan Sarandon...before I dumped her for my wife ;)
00:43 < rjacksix> I find that hard to belive
00:43 < rjacksix> because I KNOW how old you are
00:43 < rjacksix> and I know what computers were out in 77
00:43 < rjacksix> you would have been 6 wtf
00:43 < rjacksix> WTF?
00:45 < rjacksix> only 12?
00:46 < rjacksix> I had a rainbow..yes my daughter Brittany would come down when she was three and she could run the thing by herself
00:46 < rjacksix> I'd tell her what keys to press from acroos the room when I was doing Bible study or reading
00:46 < rjacksix> it was SOO cute
00:47 < rjacksix> She's the one that works for Flying Labs
00:47 < rjacksix> she's been involved in the online Bakugan game and a new IP that is super hush hush
00:48 < rjacksix> 40K at 23 ain't bad
00:48 < rjacksix> <---- proud papa
00:48 < rjacksix> my geek son is a senior consultant for Booz
00:49 < rjacksix> he was doing "hell desk" since the age of 16 for our ISP
00:49 < rjacksix> writing PHP, C, C++, Perl
00:49 < rjacksix> hehe
00:50 < rjacksix> so jen what was your first computer that was YOURS? do you remember?
00:50 < rjacksix> is your son a geek?
00:51 < rjacksix> I forgot to tell you that mine was in computers in the AF and that his tours in Iraq were running around the dang country setting stuff up
00:51 < rjacksix> yes Mach...didn't he just get back?
00:52 < rjacksix> OMG
00:52 < rjacksix> you were hardcore
00:52 < rjacksix> NT4
00:52 < rjacksix> starting a server farm? ;)
00:52 < rjacksix> TOTALLY FTW MACH
00:52 < rjacksix> very kewl jen
00:53 < rjacksix> what geeks ;)
00:53 < rjacksix> all of ya
00:53 < rjacksix> even Bob
00:53 < rjacksix> and the lot of you lurkers
00:54 < rjacksix> don't go there...think I told you I trashed a MicroVax I and a teletype the last time I moved..right?
00:54 < rjacksix> still makes me sick
00:54 < rjacksix> I HATE throwing tech away
00:54 < rjacksix> my wife hates me hating to throw tech away
00:55 < rjacksix> really?
00:55 < rjacksix> so where are you at on that?
00:55 < rjacksix> if I can ask?
00:55 < rjacksix> I'm not jdgmental
00:55 < rjacksix> I appreciate both sides
00:56 < rjacksix> I know
00:56 < rjacksix> I still havent changed your mind on th3j35t3r...have you seen the vids
00:57 < rjacksix> you had a trash 80? when you were 9?
00:57 < rjacksix> but I take it you agree with the WL thing?
00:58 < rjacksix> and so when he goes back to beating up normal Tangos?
00:59 < rjacksix> but wtf pointed out that many of the leaks just reinforce that what we were doing was backed by the Saudi's etc
01:00 < rjacksix> so you're equating keeping a secret w/ lying...
01:01 < rjacksix> thanks
01:03 < rjacksix> so like Mach's son has been there, My son was there, wtf has a good friend that just survived an IED like a week ago, right?
01:03 < rjacksix> sounds like jen has someone there too
01:04 < rjacksix> I haven't heard anything come out that sounds like we are lying about either Afghanistan or Iraq
01:04 < rjacksix> am I missing something?
01:04 < rjacksix> that a big breasted blonde nurse follows Kadafi around has nothing to do with the war, and certainly isn't a lie
01:05 < rjacksix> even the first batch, though it was irritating to hear some of our actions against locals, didn't have nay startling discoverys
01:06 < rjacksix> Jim, shmim, name know that isn't true...first it's forensics....and second Secret is BOTTOM of the food chain
01:06 < rjacksix> notmadu bro?;)
01:07 < rjacksix> see Mach...he's good at it
01:09 < rjacksix> brb ;)
01:12 < rjacksix> wait I'm putting my name and my wife's name into the banner at the top to calculate our LOVE score...only $9.99/month
01:13 < rjacksix>
01:13 < rjacksix> hehe
01:14 < rjacksix> that's what I'm talking about
01:14 < rjacksix> not angry...mad like SCIENTIST hehe
01:15 < rjacksix> that does not obviate my coining of the phrase notmadu? as a memeomorphisis
01:16 < rjacksix> umad is sooo 20 minutes ago
01:16 < rjacksix> yes, I believe that Mach invented the I am Spartucus strikethrough Jester meme...(applause)
01:17 < rjacksix> how dare that guy try to take the cred...I'm surprised that anybody is putting up with it
01:18 < rjacksix> the fake just didn't talk like or act like the real guy
01:19 < rjacksix> also, without getting into details, the fake didn't know anything about anything the real one did
01:19 < rjacksix> I barely know the guy, just been here a couple of times
01:19 < rjacksix> but he didn't know or talk like the real guy
01:20 < rjacksix> I'm ex Military Intel and about the real one's age
01:20 < rjacksix> we have a common history
01:20 < rjacksix> the fake was just that...he didn't understand military terms
01:21 < rjacksix> he tried to get me to vouch for him to others who were suspicious and I started to until my radar went off
01:21 < rjacksix> then I spent the rest of the night telling everyone including Mikko that it was bs
01:22 < rjacksix> two days later everyone caught on....and now FREED comes back with his BS th3j3st3r is th3j35t3r and he set up the hoax himself...which is absolute BS because an ex Special Forces guy wouldn't do that
01:23 < rjacksix> he can't learn...cuz he can't be...that's the point
01:23 < rjacksix> you could tell me you were him and I would spot you in 30 seconds in PM
01:24 < rjacksix> fool me once...(you know the rest)
01:25 < rjacksix> the only reason any of us were faked out was that we sinceerely care about this guy and his PRIMARY mission and I have NEVER seen some one so unethical as to hack someone elses cred
01:25 < rjacksix> it was a total SE play
01:25 < rjacksix> I told you not to freaking write the front end in powerbuilder...DUDE ;)
01:25 < rjacksix> does that make sense Jen?
01:26 < rjacksix> VIEL BIER MORGEN JA?
01:27 < rjacksix> war absolutely sucks, I absolutely agree with ya
01:27 < rjacksix> but nothing that has come out of WL has had anything to do with anything but what we call "tactical" stuff.  
01:28 < rjacksix> even the cablegate stuff is all static
01:29 < rjacksix> classified information is while it might seem interesting, nothing that has been revealed is anything more than low level reports by low level people
01:30 < rjacksix> the thing that th3j35t3r and I and other intel people understand is that the enemy, the guys shooting at your friend over there, will scour through this stuff and they will put pieces together that are important to them 
01:30 < rjacksix> they will change the way they do things
01:30 < rjacksix> and the people responsible for collecting intell and for finding bad guys and keeping good guys safe will have to start all over again
01:31 < rjacksix> Nor do I
01:31 < rjacksix> but last week a guy wanted to blow the hell  out of a Christmas tree lighting in Oregon
01:32 < rjacksix> and nine years ago the took over 3 planes and killed 3000 innocent people
01:32 < rjacksix> and I pray for your friends and my friends and wish they were all home safe
01:32 < rjacksix> but if we don't take it over will be over here....just like it is in Israel
01:33 < rjacksix> I don't even disagree with you on that...we'll have to see
01:33 < rjacksix> I think that the government, or some people in the government, are using this to their advantage to take away our freedoms
01:34 < rjacksix> and if wikileaks were spilling that kind of evil, I would cheer them
01:34 < rjacksix> hell, I'm waiting for the banking stuff
01:35 < rjacksix> I'm way old, (ok, only 49) but I remeber seeing the towers go down and realizing that our whole way of life would not be the same for a long time
01:35 < rjacksix> the TSA thing is crap
01:35 < rjacksix> everyone in security knows it
01:36 < rjacksix> the guys running the show are incompetent bureaucrats who couldn't secure an armored car
01:36 < rjacksix> you are right
01:37 < rjacksix> but...wikileaks is leaking information to help the guys trying to blow us up...and not blowing the whistle on the a**holes who are trying to feel you up
01:38 < rjacksix> My oldest daughter is a 33 year old blonde, blue eyed very attractive young lady and she has been groped every time she has gotten on the plane
01:38 < rjacksix> it makes me want to go punch the people out down there...
01:39 < rjacksix> that may not be their intention, I don't KNOW what Julian is trying to do, but he is not doing anything helpful
01:40 < rjacksix> the only thing he is doing is giving ammunition to people that don't like America, so that they won't like us even more...that is hardly conducive to peace
01:41 < rjacksix> Well, if I were you, if you did get chosen, I'd use the scanner if they have it....I've heard doctors say that the radiation is really nothing....problem is out here in the stix there are no scanners
01:41 < rjacksix> ouch
01:42 < rjacksix> that what you were referring to in your tweets
01:42 < rjacksix> doing PT?
01:43 < rjacksix> It may seem lame, but I started doing yoga on the WII ;)
01:45 < rjacksix> the WII kind ;)
01:45 < rjacksix> I do the palm and a bunch of other crazy ones...nothing tough
01:46 < rjacksix> yes
01:46 < rjacksix> you are like the bionic lady there
01:46 < rjacksix> hehe
01:47 < rjacksix> so one last thing and I'll get off my soap box
01:47 < rjacksix> I think th3j35t3r had a reason for what he did...he is very disciplined
01:47 < rjacksix> if you've followed him for any amount of time, you know that
01:48 < rjacksix> if he TD'ed WL and tweeted it (which he did) there was a reason for it
01:49 < rjacksix> It might be one of those secrets that upset you.  you may never know but soldiers follow orders and Special Forces are very good at improvising and following orders....
01:50 < rjacksix> I do see your side though and for things like TSA, banks, and even corruption and things our government SHOULDN'T be doing...then go for it
01:51 < rjacksix> no...really...I was in the Army then...the Russians had invaded Afghanistan, I was a Russian Linguist and thought we were going to war
01:52 < rjacksix> I think the embassy was taken over in Iran then too, wan't it, or was that later?
01:53 < rjacksix> ya bil russki perevodchik
01:53 < rjacksix> the site being down isn't of any consequence now
01:54 < rjacksix> the truth be known, I'm certain that huge portions of the bandwidth problems were every friggin countries intel agencies doing wgets of the whole site
01:54 < rjacksix> I'm surprised you don't.
01:54 < rjacksix> most programmers either are musical, lingual or both
01:54 < rjacksix> I bet you play an instrument, right?
01:55 < rjacksix> or did
01:56 < rjacksix> Hmm, isn't loading right now.
01:56 < rjacksix> The computers that run are having some trouble. Usually this is just a temporary problem, so you might want to try again in a few minutes.
01:56 < rjacksix> yep...I thought maybe voice
01:56 < rjacksix> sure does
01:57 < rjacksix> it has to do with being able to read music and translate it ...all skills that the programmer side of your brain is good at
01:57 < rjacksix> take a'll excel
01:57 < rjacksix> spanish, french an german are easy
02:00 < rjacksix> I don't find anything shocking in that cable.  Any more than I would a cable, say hypothetically, of a Russian assessment of Americans.
02:01 < rjacksix> It doesn't contain any lies..what you're seeing is a low level view of how governments, especially the state departments of governments act all the time.
02:01 < rjacksix> not just us
02:01 < rjacksix> everyone
02:02 < rjacksix> We're prolly way nicer about it than most
02:03 < rjacksix> It's very interesting to me....but it wasn't meant to be read by anyone other than the guys responsible for dealing with the new regime after the overthrow of the Shah (don't know if you remember that time).
02:04 < rjacksix> brb
02:05 < rjacksix> @Geraldanthro has been tweeting the US Code violations that Wikileaks is in violation of all day
02:06 < rjacksix> have you guys seen the previes for 127 hours (I think)
02:06 < rjacksix> previews
02:07 < rjacksix> most hosters have a provision against sites which partake in illegal activities
02:08 < rjacksix> night guys...pleasure talking to you jen...
02:08 < rjacksix> nice not talking to all you other lurkers out there....IT'S CALLED A CHAT ROOM...NOT A LURK ROOM...that is to the left of here
02:09 < rjacksix> ;)
02:09 < rjacksix> jk
02:10 < rjacksix> hey read your IMs
02:12 < rjacksix> night Mach

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  1. L Bean says:

    I’ve been in chat rooms with Jester and rjacksix, and was in on the chat you pasted above. It is not the entire transcript.

    Absolutely not the same person. Two different people. I feel bad for everyone targeting rjacksix.

    Come on people. Enough with the speculation. LOL

  2. TheSaintEd says:

    Correct! Th3J35t3r is not Jackson.

  3. Batman says:

    robin jackson is dead

  4. Batman says:

    Robin Jackson on Thu, 28th Jan 2010 5:27 pm

    I find th3j3st3r’s arguments rational and well thought out. I admire his skills and tenacity. No one has the right to use the Internet to maim, murder, or recruit others to do so. If he is inadvertently messing with ongoing intel ops, he is only doing it for a half-hour at a time and sometimes stirring the nest causes activity that may otherwise not take place. This activity could actually aid in catching and prosecuting bad guys.

    Go JESTER!

  5. ytuytyu says:

    a jester comes from gest = exploit but a jester is now more know as a professional fool or clown, esp. at a medieval court.

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  7. [...] heute klar, haben sich die halb-anonymen Aktivisten weit entfernt. Zuletzt lieferte man sich eine Schulhof-Rauferei mit einem selbsternannten US-Hacktivisten, der sich aus patriotischen Gründen dazu berufen fühlt, die Wikileaks-Unterstützer mundtot zu [...]

  8. Mr.beachbums says:

    Who is th3j35t3r not important, since the wikileaks data allready spread and investigated by experienced journalis. th3j35t3r vs. Anonimous is other stories not main theme.

  9. Vivat imperator! I wonder what the Jester’s XerXeS attack looks like from Wikileaks’ point of view — they did figure out they were being attacked, after all.

    And won’t it be better if the Jester, instead of attacking the little guy, were to give wise counsel to those in power, like the jesters of old did?


  10. Punk Floyd says:

    Did anybody notice the feeds from Russian and Ukrainian news sites on those XerXes videos (see the right hand site)? One of them ( is merely a local newspaper, of no real interest to a foreigner.

    I suspect th3j35t3r is a Russian/Ukrainian emigrant. Ultra-right wing ideology is quite popular in certain parts of this community.

    • Prefect says:

      So it is a Russian national who “fought in the war on terror” and is really really upset about American serviceman being put in danger (to the point where he has been knocking over web sites for months)?

      • madre de Mootikins says:

        Yep! and anonymousDown is a concerned North Korean…

        Operation Payback Intelligence Group or oPIG is truly the cancer that is killing /b/.

        This is why we can’t have nice things!

        I’m telling moot, and I’m going home

  11. BATMAN says:

    Disregard my above post about Mr. Jackson’s state, I suck.

  12. Batman says:

    lol imposter yeah you suck

    • Prefect says:

      Saw that. He doesn’t have the same speech patterns, style. Whoever posted that on 4chan didn’t really provide their reasoning for why they thought it was him.

    • Michael Menefee says:

      Seriously?? If you think I’m the jester, then call me and ask me. Or come pay me a visit. You know my home address and phone number, right?


  13. Just for the record: I have had dozens of hours of chats with The Jester, and I have also worked with Menefee for almost year – I can guarantee they are not the same person.

    Menefee is a very public, above the boards security professional who has no need to maintain a by-proxy profile.

    The Jester is an obfuscated persona, and is whomever he turns out to be.

    The origin of this idiotic notion is from an article I wrote in which I interviewed The Jester in the first half, then interviewed Menefee for analysis on The Jester’s methodology in the last half.

    In making such assertions, you are simply repeating the drivel of children on a DDoS joyride.

    • Prefect says:

      Assume this comment is a reply to Julian rather than the blog post.

      • Shirley says:


        Posting the entire IRC chat logs would help you come to the correct conclusion, that Rob and Th3J35t3r are not the same individuals. I was there, check your complete Appendix A for my .pl

        Also, check comments on jester’s blog to see what he was thanking Rob for at 17:18

        …unless you are simply posting all of Rob’s docs for a convenient reference for Anon’s misguided Operations.

        Freed is correct this time, you are repeating childish drivel and incorrectly naming Th3J35t3r directing any attention from Anon or worse, the jihadi websites that Th3J35t3r has been taking down for nearly two years, toward the wrong person.

        This post is a very convenient place for any idiot with google to gather way too much information on the wrong guy. I think you should be held accountable.

        …and you call yourself a prefect.

        • Prefect says:

          I do, yes. First, please stop spamming the blog. Second, where exactly are we wrong: Anonymous did for a time think this person was “Jester” based on the reasons identified. The data is out there and public, you may consider it childish drivel, but our discussing it doesn’t mean we came up with it. We didn’t state that Jackson is Jester, we stated that members of Anonymous thought Jackson was Jester. Jackson himself has discussed this on his blog.

          The IRC logs are complete in that they contain the full conversation of these two individuals. Printing the full logs with other people isn’t necessary. The Appendix itself is probably unnecessary, it is just there to support parts of the post. If you say you were there, I believe you, since it doesn’t make a difference. You know that the same person can have a conversation with themselves on an IRC channel, so two people “talking” to each other is not particularly meaningful. But one could make a case that any closely timed comments support the case that Robin is not Jester.

          I’m not sure we care either way.

          But if you are worried, here is a PSA from the blog: “To all potential vigilantes and Jihadis, Robin Jackson claimed to have worked with the Jester, but never claimed to be the Jester. Please don’t try to kill him and stop sending him faxes.”

          Freed was commenting on the person (under the nom de plume Julian) who claimed Mike Menafee was the Jester (something that appeared on 4chan), a claim I have not seen backed up by any reasonable evidence. Regardless, his comment was a response to another comment.

          So sorry, not going to take responsibility for what either members of Anonymous or Jihadis do, I have zero sway with either no matter what you think. And don’t call me Shirley.

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  15. myip says:

    It doesn’t matter if any of these men are the Jackoff. Let them enjoy the harassment, and let others who would support the Jackoff see what waits for them.

  16. [...] of Anonymous who launched Operation Payback, are now targeting Robin Jackson (who goes by rjacksix online) because they believe that he is th3j35t3r. The following is the [...]

  17. anonymous says:

    The jester and those he works with will be brought to justice. Hiding behind scare tactics in attempt to justify the extreme secrecy of corrupt organizations is shameful.

    The orders come from the top, they use extreme prejudice and extremely violent force to kill anyone they might even consider a ‘target’ and laugh as the broken bodies lay bare in the streets. It’s war.

    This is what anti-American militant groups will learn about us, and this is what the average American will be faced with.

    The reason these cables were leaked was not to inform any violent offenders, but to inform those who pay taxes and support the Coalition forces. They deserve to know how their money is spent.

    Knowledge is our power. Information is our weapon. Anyone tries to take that away will face the consequences.

  18. FalseBlue says:

    It seems to me The Jester is just a Script Kiddie, Xerxes nothing that impressive, as several DOS proggies that do not require a Bot-Net can be easily “covered up” with a simple graphics tool kit.. As far as his use of military buzz words, any kid who plays Raimbow Six, or COD would be familiar with them.

    He really hasn’t impressed myself or many others as anyone special.

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  20. Diomedes says:

    This is really a bunch of hypocrisy on Anon’s part. So it’s right for them to go after anyone who doesn’t support Wikileaks, but it’s not alright for someone to use the same tactics to return fire?

    Kids these days.

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  23. [...] The Jester, a hacktivist who is normally known for short term denial of service attacks against Jihadist web forums and who recently claimed responsibility for an outage at Wikileaks in the middle of Cablegate (Wikileaks publication of U.S. diplomatic cables) has himself become the target of the large scale hacktivist protest called Operation Payback. Praetorian Prefect [...]