PCI Rock, WTH?

Security Awareness Programs can be a daunting task. It is not atypical to try to mix security awareness programs with some element of fun, such as humor with a message. After all, playing off fear has a limited shelf life, may not be your personal style, and may alienate the audience. That said good humor is well…hard, and you risk being hokey to the point where your message, and even you, may not be taken seriously.

Enter the PCI Security Standards Council’s horrible country song:

The song has already been nominated for a Pwnie 2010 award.

PCI Standards Rock?

Qualification Fees - PCI QSA

A Twitter response captured the problem with this approach succinctly: “That particular page isn’t going to help their mission – looking like a dope trying to reach people who think you’re a dope” – @Corum.

At least the Standards Council is spending the exorbitant qualification fees it collects wisely.

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  1. DavidD says:

    Information Security meets School House Rock. I love it!