Asian Men Prefer LIGATT

A number of new Twitter accounts spawned today, all tweeting positively about the disgraced security firm LIGATT security (plagiarism, threats, stock manipulation), responding to actual security professionals, and using avatars that are attributable to other sources. On one, the account creator actually forgot to remove the “Stock” message from the photo. In another, an image was taken of famous baseball player Ichiro Suzuki to create a fake account titled “Khang”. This technique is instructive in how not to attempt to restore one’s reputation on Twitter, and provides a look at a security company awkwardly creating Twitter Spam as part of its marketing.

Bowie Khung

Bowie Stock Photo Khung

Getty Images: Asian Man Smiling

Khang (aka Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle Mariners baseball team)

Hits leadoff for the Mariners, and tracks LIGATT.

Khang plays baseball, and loves LIGATT.



Where Nemanja's image was taken from.

And the Lameness Continues…

Hey, SPOOFEM works great.

I wish I was in Vuvuzela?

Big Joe Wang

Why does he like the name Rico so much?


We thought we were done writing about LIGATT, we really did. But the buffoonery seems to know no bounds.

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

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  1. iAlbert says:

    Yes! I made a blog! LOL

  2. Ducky says:

    Hahaha… thanks guys/gals for making the industry so much more entertaining! This guy just don’t know when to stop. Keep doing the good work, PP!

  3. Jamal B says:

    Hey Everyone,

    Very nice post, just a couple of questions about the tools being used here. Was gettyimages the only online tool used to track the stock pictures? Are you aware of any tools or resources to track suspected pictures, that do not have the “stock” mark still on them?


  4. John White says:

    Wow, it’s funny that people actually have time in their lives to go through all of this! People use pictures of celebrities and symbols all the time for their twitter avatars! It makes me wonder if these people with such idol time on their hands have careers and families or friends that care and love them. It’s utterly ridiculous to feel the need to fish for reasons to bring the reputation of a successful company down!

    • Prefect says:

      What was that John White, aka CJ, aka Rico Daniels, aka dom_filmingo, aka Gregory Evans?

      Successful company huh? We don’t have time, but we’ll make time, because this is a riot…

    • acanthephyra says:

      Greg, we just don’t like it when people destroy the industry’s reputation. That’s the motivation. Also, it’s fun because your attempts are so amateurish.

      And as for the successful company: Your last trade today was $0.0001. Until a few days ago, you managed to stay at 0.0002.

      A coke or 10.000 shares in your company? Same price, but I think the Coke’s return on investment is better.

    • yo momma says:

      @ JohnWhite Bad grammar and spelling and too many exclamation points. Hi Greg!

  5. dom_filmingo says:

    John White, I agree with you. This is some real weird stuff. There are so many bashers out there.

  6. T. says:

    Why do you care if they’re doing this or not? You stalking these people?

  7. ducky says:

    What happen to “dom_filmingo” on twitter? Suspended? haha. must be another GE?

  8. A. OL says:

    these twitter accounts are all already suspended…

    what a pitty