Bo Dietl Lost His Guns


Richard “Bo” Dietl lost his guns. The former NYPD Detective and media contributor on Fox News and the Don Imus show, founder of Beau Dietl & Associates, subject of a film where he was played by Stephen Baldwin, and Chairman of the New York State Security Guard Advisory Council was featured on Jon Stewart’s show for being himself burglarized. What’s funny is that his description of what happened, particularly his focus on the security measures he had in place but that weren’t used, follow the well worn pattern of responses one typically hears after an information security breach (but we were PCI compliant, we had IDS in place, it was a sophisticated attacker, everyone gets hacked, and so forth).

Back Story

Bo Dietl had his guns (9 handguns and a shotgun) stolen from his 1 Penn Plaza office sometime between November 2007 and last January according to his time frame. He spends time in the clip showing us his office’s four hour safe (fire protection is given in hours), the safe the guns were next to, not in. The shot gun was on top of a bookshelf.

The Daily Show, 04/15/2010

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Beau Dietl & Associates

The firm primarily handles personnel and physical security, and has a list of firms, events, and celebrities for which they have provided personal protection.

Unfortunately when Bo starts advising on information security, the wheels fall off the wagon:


A laugh on a Friday along with two important lessons: the best security measures don’t work when they’re not actually used, and practice what you preach.

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  2. Sally Jesse says:

    PATHETIC. This guy should give up. He’s a hot mess and sounds like a fool.

  3. Hey, Bo, how does it feel to have people talk bad about you and laugh at the same time? By the way, I heard from one of your former employees that the material I had mailed you back in 2001 concerning my books “Latin Blues” and “True Blue: A tale of the enemy within”, you threw in the garbage because you could not stand having a Latino, former NYPD cop that worked in the same precinct [ 25 ] that you did back in 1976, outdo you; plus a “Super Cop” at that. I’m not bragging…just telling the facts. But I forgive you for how you treated me, and refused to come out of your office and show some professional courtesy to another former cop,especially after I had driven all the way from Florida with a Vietnam combat Marine friend of mine, John, Ellis. John died a few months later due to his combat wounds. I felt embarrassed telling him that the so called “One Tough Cop” Bo Dietl refused to see me, and give me back my manuscript, which you refused to mail back to me. How cheap can you get? And you’re supposed to be “One Tough Cop” Check my Website at: for some Vietnam photos of soldiers and police officers, plus music. And check Joe Sanchez at wikipedia for my bio. God bless.

  4. Ariel Ocasio says:

    You tell him, Joe. You are a cop’s cop, especially for the good cops.

  5. Bo says:

    Mr. Sanchez, people have been laughing at me ever since I joined the police academy in 1969, nothing ventured nothing gained bud. As far as your book or manuscript is concerned, I threw into garbage, not because you are of Latino descent, but simply because trash belongs in its rightful place, the garbage. Next time you’re to drive north from Florida, try arranging an appointment in advance and don’t waste your time or anyone else’s for that matter. You’re not the first Super-Cop, nor will you ever be the last Mr. Sanchez. Your ego has gotten beyond your ability to think or rationalize under normal circumstances. You give cops a bad name when you unprofessionally and immaturely write comments like this in public. If you like to send me the manuscript again, please feel free to do so, but remember this, there’s no guarantee it will not find itself in the garbage again. And next time make an appointment, and please stop calling my office and harassing my people.

  6. Bo says:

    You want information concerning who, Mr. Sanchez?

    Let me clearly brief the public on a few things concerning Mr. Joe Sanchez. Those who don’t know him call him a cops-cop or even Supercop. Those who do, call him a rat. He was a cop from 1974 until his termination in 1982, but it does not end there. If you take notice of the photos in his website, isn’t it unusual that a cop, not a detective, would make such high profile collars while the cameras were rolling. Mr. Sanchez thinks we don’t know he was actually taking detective collars and notifying the press before the actual apprehension. And allow me to also add, as recent as this month in a well organized 10-13, NYPD reunion, and in the state in which he resides, another retire cop wanted to wipe the floor with him, what does that say about Supercop Joe Sanchez? If I wanted to see a bio in Wikipedia about a rat, I’d look Sammy Gravano, not this rat bastard. In the eight years he was a cop he never made more then twenty five collars, and that’s a Supercop?

  7. I do not believe that Bo Dietl would degrade himself by writing such comments, especially with so many grammatical errors. Admidst his many factual errors, he did express one event that Bo Dietl could not have had personal knowlege. I am certain this is an imposter, and I am sure where he lives. As to saying another former cop wanted to wipe the floor with me, now I know these comments did not come from Bo Dietl. After all I went through in Vietnam, Port Authority cop from 1971-’73; NYPD cop from 1973-’85; New York State correction officer at Sing Sing and Coxsackie Correctional facilities, 1989-’92, there is no way someone at the 10-13 club in Florida, or elsewhere would have dared to put their hands on me. As a matter of fact, I was the one that went after the former cop who disrespected me in saying I was not worthy of being a member of the 10-13 club, nor worthy of the Purple Heart for being wounded in Vietnam, because I did not retire from the NYPD. This former cop would not make a pimple on an honest, dedicated cop’s ass,or for that matter, a Vietnam combat veteran’s ass. No, Bo Dietl did not write these disparaging comments about me. As far as collars made by me as an NYPD cop…I made hundreds of collars, not 25. All said and done, I forgive you Bo, God bless you…and may the Good Lord also help the imposter find his way in telling the truth, and asking for forgiveness. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. -Joe Sanchez Picon

  8. Joe says:

    i was in the academy in 1986,,,worked at the 25 after that…heard nothing but Bo Dietl scumbag and buddy fucker stories…….where theres smoke….

  9. donna dasaro says:

    hay bo how are you