Microsoft’s Google Attack Patch?


Noted journalist and friend of the blog George V. Hulme shared the picture below from a CNBC broadcast, perhaps the most amusing way seen thus far of describing the patch for the ‘Aurora bug‘ that famously affected Google late last year.

That assumes of course that Microsoft is not in fact working on a Google Attack Patch.

The Google Attack Patch is coming soon.

The Google Attack Patch is coming soon.

Of course they are referring to Microsoft’s out of band patch release on January 21st for the Internet Explorer use after free vulnerability that has been nicknamed Aurora.

Aurora Patch description.

Aurora Patch description.

Praetorian advises giving this patch special attention in your environment, especially if you continue to run on Internet Explorer 6.0. The vulnerability is not confined to this version of the browser, but the method of attack is well known for this version at this point.

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  1. Sniper says:

    all the patch in the world can never completely eradicate this problem as long there are an abundant supply of bad codes from hastily-made products. take for instance the bunch of live NASA server exploits listed at pinoysecurity. the list just goes on…