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CollegeHumor explores the concept of real life tweeting

What if you walked through life providing twarcissistic updates as some are wont to do on Twitter. explores what this might look like.

The MGM Grand

The MGM Casino in Las Vegas is robbed

The MGM casino was the victim of a robbery early this morning. Police responded at 4:42am according to a representative of the Las Vegas Metro police stating that a suspect produced a handgun, robbed the casino of an undisclosed amount of money, and fled using a motorcycle. This is not exactly an Oceans 11 style heist.

The cast of the movie: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Wolverine’s nemesis: Data Leakage

As widely reported, the major motion picture opening today, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, was leaked on March 31st to major BitTorrent trackers and within twenty four hours had been downloaded some 75,000 times and to date more then 1mm. If the average movie ticket price is $7.18, then that’s potentially $7mm or more in lost revenue […]