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Snort is on Twitter

Snort is Tweeting

Network engineer Leon Ward of SourceFire has taken the unusual step of publishing his intrusion detection system (IDS) alerts over Twitter, the popular microblogging platform. If you are so inclined, you can monitor his IDS along with your own, by following @SnortIDS on Twitter. has posted their site’s new design concepts has posted their new site design concepts, and they are worth a look. Their experience demonstrates the fun of navigating the landscape of browser compatible code with CSS and Javascript, and these are folks from the organization that builds the second most popular web browser used today. Let them know what you think:

New Yorkers still startled by low flying jets, seven years later

A plane performed a fly over of lower Manhattan escorted by two fighter jets in what federal officials are describing as a planned photo op. The incident caused some panic amongst office workers and people on the street, and caused a series of offices to be evacuated in both downtown Manhattan and Jersey City, NJ.

ESPN is cornified.

Now I will believe that there are unicorns…

Anyone who looked at ESPN online today (04/27/09) may find themselves agreeing with Mr. Shakespeare. Starting a little after 4pm EST you may have noticed a spike in chatter on Twitter related to A high profile web site defacement occurred on the sports news web site where the Cornify script was invoked by a Javascript using keystokes known as the Konami code.

RickRoll Everyone with BlueCoat

The Bluecoat SGOS can do a fair amount of stuff just like any web-proxy should, but my favorite is to RickRoll the whole company. ( People spend to much time on youtube as is ).