This blog is primarily a place for us to make and keep our notes in an orderly format on the news and events of the information security space. It provides a place for us to make some commentary, share some analysis, and express some personal opinions on the issues of the day relative to information security. We’ll do our best to stay on topic, veering off on insane rants only sometimes.

Who We Are

15The primary authors of this blog are three colleagues with differing experience in the information security sphere but all of whom have decades of combined experience in technology teams, have spoken at industry events, and blah blah blah are qualified to express themselves on the issues of the day.

The blog is kept logically separate from any business, so it’s a collation point for their authored works rather than a corporate blog. So you probably won’t see a lot of active selling, product placement, or hidden marketing as you might with some corporate sponsored blogs. We’re sorry if that disappoints you (we didn’t think it would).

Also for that reason authors will express opinions separate from their employers or any affiliated third party. Further they are largely unrestricted in writing so that the content is a little raw and tells the whole story. They are required only to maintain a certain level (its not very high) of grammatical and spelling quality, respect the confidentiality of prior agreements, and honor any legal agreements such as Non-Disclosure Agreements that are in place.

What’s With the Advertising?

Have to pay for the hosting somehow.


Daniel Kennedy – Managing Editor, Information Security guy. Visit his personal site here: danieltkennedy.com.



Marty Piccinich – Windows, infrastructure expert.


Jeremy Rossi – Network guy.



Prefect – A mysterious stranger that writes controversial posts.



Our Goal

We hope to go a little slower, a little deeper. Get your mind out of the gutter, it is an expression from an independent film about the decline of the local book store. The purveyor of a San Francisco book store in the film declares that he “always tried to go a little slower and a little deeper” in creating the experience his bookstore provided. We feel that many information security stories reported these days jump the gun without enough detail (with a number of notable high quality exceptions), and thus we try to continually remind ourselves to slow down, be clear when you’re making educated guesses, and try to get the blog post mostly right.

We will frequently come up short on that goal and may not always get it right, but bear with us. Also feel free to let us know when we’ve missed a key fact at blog(at)ptnsecurity.com.

Contact Us, Press Inquiries

E-mail us anytime, this e-mail goes to every author: blog(at)ptnsecurity.com.

We will respond as best we can to press inquiries related to topics on the blog and in the information security sphere in general, and welcome the opportunity to help responsible journalists out with a story. If you want help researching something, time permitting we’ll try to help.

Blog Comments

We keep comments open and largely not moderated (we filter spam) unlike some other blogs because we welcome constructive discussion. Many of our readers have provided that extra piece of information that helps to unlock a larger issue, and we always appreciate it.

That said, comments that are ad hominem attacks are not welcome. And when we see them we won’t play nice.

Also try to steer clear of “this technology sucks” discussions. That is unless the technology actually is lousy.

About the Theme

The Praetorian Prefect was commander of the Praetorian Guard, the personal guard of the Roman emperor, until the reforms of Constantine. So a protector, that occasionally had to kill the emperor.


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